Firefighter Research Paper

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The moment you swear in as a firefighter on a new department you join a unique brotherhood. In this brotherhood, you will develop new skills, experience good things and bad things, and you will be adopted into a close knit second family. As we all know, or the majority of us know, firefighters are a pretty unique bunch on individuals. Throughout your time in the fire service you will experience many different things, and because of these experiences you will develop a whole new set of senses, and look at many aspects of life differently. You will begin to notice over time, that even the slightest things that you now do, point to the fact that you are a firefighter.
Here are ten ways to tell that you or somebody you know is a firefighter.
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You lay out your clothes before you go to bed, in case you get a late night or early morning call.
We never want to miss a call, and when responding in a POV its imperative that you make every second count. You don’t want to waste your time searching through your drawers for a pair of socks, so you set out a pair of pants, socks, and a clean shirt in preparation for a call while you’re in bed dreaming.
3. You correct people when they say, 'Oh, look a fire truck,' and you reply saying: 'That's not a fire truck it’s an engine.’
We have all been there. You’re driving down a busy road and you see flashing lights and hear the wail of the siren. Someone in the car yells out, “Hey look a firetruck.”. You roll your eyes and sarcastically correct them, either saying that it’s an engine, or a rescue, or a tower ladder. The list goes on and on, and you know the name for every truck that could ever roll bye.
4. You’re always on the lookout for passing vehicles with fire plates or fire lights.
You can’t drive down many roads nowadays without passing a fellow firefighter. Your either looking for a big firelight on top of their rig, or the red and white fire plate attached to their front license plate. You smile and wave, and go on your way, but you’re still looking for the next

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