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  • Toy Development In Children

    which help children develop motor skills as well as having fun. Some of these toys include, building blocks, as well as simple mazes and educational foam tiles. We managed to create our very own toy, which helps children of ages one through five build fine motor skills by playing with small Items that can be found in a household. Motor skills are very important in a…

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  • Physical Development Essay

    observed engaged in to develop physically, for example gross or fine motor skills? My partner and I are very involved parents and like to interact with Cain as much as possible and we also plan little educational family trip like going to the museum, library, taking a walk out in nature to keep him curious. Cain likes to freely do things that is in his interest and…

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  • Influence Of Play Activities In Early And Middle Childhood

    excellent venues in accomplishing this stimulation. We illustrate this by discussing three different types of play equipment – slide, bridge/tunnel climber, and swing - and identify the types of play each encourage, review how the various gross and fine motor skills are enhanced, and examine how constructive materials and safety aspects cooperate as well. Healthy play environments include equipment that encourage multiple play types. Shapiro and Maras (as cited in Colorado State…

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  • Case Study: My Ten Month Old Child

    development, one may gain an appreciation for life and a greater understanding of what is normal. Recently, I conducted an observation of my ten month old daughter, Molly Kate Smith. The intent of the assignment was to record the child’s gross and fine motor skills and to explain how the infant’s experiences in moving about freely and handling objects contribute to: object perception, depth perception, pattern perception and intermodal perception. The study took…

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  • An Analysis Of Jd's Therapeutic Riding Ax Plan

    placing his hands (hand over hand) on the horn of the saddle, and also telling his horse, Bowen, to “Go” when asked by riding instructor. JD will be asked to hold and play with the play-dough at different planes, which will work on UE bilateral skills, fine motor skills, and strengthen his UE and hand muscles. JD will also be encouraged to answer questions when asked “what shape are you making?” or “what hand is holding the play-dough?” JD will then actively participate in a therapeutic ax of “I…

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  • Across A Hundred Mountains Analysis

    Initially, this seems to be a story of two single people traveling abroad in Spain. The main characters comprised of what seemed to be, an America gentleman and a young lady from America or England. The setting consists of the couple sitting outside a bar in a train station in Spain. What makes this story so enduring is the fact that it is a coming of age tale. During the course of waiting for the train, the young women grows from a naïve girl into a woman, fully in charge of her destiny.…

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  • Characteristics Of Emerging Adulthood

    There are two different types of motor skills, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are more likely to develop first because it includes activities that involve large muscles. An example of a gross motor skill is when my son first learned how to lift his head and eventually sit up straight on his own. The second type of motor skill is a fine motor skill. Fine motor skills are movements that require the ability to use smaller muscles to perform finely coordinated…

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  • Characteristics Of A Snail

    Slow as a Snail, But Fast as 1-2-3 “My son loves to crawl around with this toy!! It does fall over a little bit but that is completely fine because my baby loves to look at himself in the little mirror. Overall, this is a great toy and I would buy it as gifts for other babies” (“Fisher-Price”, 2016). Description The Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail has colors that contrast with one another to help give a distinction in the different parts of the snail. The head of the snail is…

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  • Mila's Narrative Report

    get it and returned it to her mother. Moreover, she tried to bring the big basket to her mother. Also, when she saw the guy played the guitar, she tried to dance. All of these big muscle movements are gross motor skills.  Fine Motor As a 16-months toddler, Mila has a lot of fine motor movements. For example, she always held the phone she liked. Also, she grabbed a teddy bear, and she shook her teddy bear to show us that she got it. Furthermore, she tried to…

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  • Early Childhood Program Summary

    appropriate stimulation for cognitive development. Children can zone out while watching TV. Instead, I would provide activities that promote the development of gross and fine motor skills. For gross motor skills I would incorporate activities such as: running, jumping, hopping, throwing and catching things, and climbing. For fine motor skill development I would include the following activities: play dough or clay with plastic tools such as scissors or cookie cutters to form into various…

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