Social Benefits Of Fine Arts Education

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. When we surmise our high school experience, we are typically drawn to the thunderous atmosphere provided by our school games. We tend to remember the masses of hulking men attempting to retrieve the airborne ball at record speeds, yet we cease to recall the long and detailed strokes of a fine haired paintbrush remaining untouched. We turn our cheeks from the smooth syrupy voices that beckon us to join. As we disregard these artistic faculties so does the district. The lack of funding in the fine arts has greatly affected the cognitive skills that alumni posses, causing them to lose abilities on a creative and abstract level. Those who choose to immerse themselves in these liberal arts reap many benefits such as higher test …show more content…
I cannot wait to witness them achieve success within the coming years.” Numerous educational institutions are not supplying a sufficient amount fine art to students that could engage and succeed in other academic areas. These alumni would have the potential to build skills and sanction them to compete on a global level by creating more well-rounded, independent thinking students. Social benefits. In addition to the educational benefits, there are several social benefits that correlate to an arts education. When asked for his opinion on the social benefits of the fine arts, band and choir student, Grant Howard indicated that “Involvement of the fine arts allow for students to become more expressive and increase their creativity and potential.” These students possess increased communication skills, creative expression and relation to different cultures In order for us to remain competitive, we have to start with the next generation of decision makers and assure that they have the capacity and ability to establish decisions to ensure our stature in the world. “Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence,” sculptor Magdalena

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