The Importance Of Art Integration In Education

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Integrating art unlocks the doors to learning, it is an important essential in today’s higher education. Some may ask what is the integration of arts? “Is an approach to teaching that integrates the fine and performing art.” A more-broad understanding is through the four essentials Yo-Yo Ma describes as, collaboration, flexible thinking, disciplined imagination and empathy. Yo-Yo Ma is a widely known cellist and songwriter, that started producing music from the age of five and has won over seventeen Grammy Awards and produced ninety albums. (257) Explains the fundaments of art integration in “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education”, Yo-Yo Ma reflects on the role of arts, creativity values and the edges of life. Yo-Yo Ma argues the importance …show more content…
Art integration brings creativity/ innovation to the world, it’s a way for a student to develop intellectual abilities and general knowledge. It is this type of education that prepares students for many fields in today’s workplace.

In today’s world, America believes that liberal education isn’t as fundamental as it used to be, that it is irrelevant for the new generation and that technological training is the new path forward. This new method of thinking for higher education is crucial, it is a dangerous path for everyone’s future. Not knowing that art integration in higher education is innovating, humans find themselves through arts, it’s the path in finding their passions and building them into the person they are fit for in the future. Yo-Yo Ma, explains that the world economy is so hyper- competitive and much of the focus is on just education, schools are just focused on “STEM – science, technology, engineering and math” (258) as he says it is important that higher education targets STEM, it is also important to include arts; in which he calls it “STEAM” the empathetic mixture of STEM but
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He describes art through collaboration, flexible thinking, disciplined imagination and empathy” (258) Yo-Yo Ma believes that the “values of collaboration, flexibility, imagination and innovation- are all the set needed in today’s world- is through the performing arts… you can do well in any field from software engineering to the biosciences.” (259) What he states is very much true, in order to receive a higher education there must be a mixture of art in it. His focus on collaboration, flexible thinking, disciplined imagination and empathy; briefly outlines that, collaboration is essential to contemporary arts and education. It teaches students to work with each other and ideas are formed best when two minds meet. Flexible thinking also knowns as “Critical Thinking” embodies the arts like a song embodies a harmony. It empowers a student articulate their learning no matter what content they are being addressed. Disciplined imagination is highly developed imagination that sees the smallest of details

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