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Art is a influential mode of communication as it has the power to be a direct reflection of the cultural conditions surrounding the artist at the time of the arts creation. Art shows a side of history rarely portrayed in ancient textbooks. I has the ability to lay bare the subconscious opinions, values, and beliefs of individuals and cultures that the individuals and cultures do not even recognize in themselves. Think of artwork as a reflection of the difference between the soul and the mind. Art was the medium through which both De Kooning and Andy Warhol expressed and exposed the subliminally held faulty beliefs they witnessed their peers fall prey to.
When first viewing De Kooning's Woman 4 or Andy Warhol's Silver Liz, viewers are often
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De Kooning used a process of slow alterations to achieve his final results. He would start with a drawing and extent it’s form going between drawing and painting scraping off any parts he was not satisfied with. He also used collages as reference or starting points using layers to build depth into his paintings. De Kooning also used his back in forth technique to carve the emotions he wished to express out of his two dimensional surface. These elements and techniques gave De Kooning's artwork a unfinished and dramatic appearance that has the power to unsettle viewers. Warhol used a very different set of elements, styles and techniques to create his artwork. He would find a source image, send it to a lab to enlarge and transfer to a screen, pre paint basic shapes onto his canvas, and finally print using the freshly manufactured silkscreen over his initial shapes. Warhol used layering to combine geometric softer shapes and color with organic shape and harsh lines creating clear contrast and a sense of artificialness. Warhol used his almost mechanical and detached process to create a “machine made” feel in his art removing the more human aspect of arts creation. Both of these artist critically used their resources to create impactful

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