Cultural And Cultural Analysis

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There are many ways of learning. One that has stuck throughout the centuries is storytelling. Every culture and religion use storytelling as a way to share and gain knowledge. Many cultures use storytelling as a way to share their religion and cultural ways with their young. This is prominent in cultures that don 't read or write. By telling stories they are able to keep their culture and allow others to learn about their culture. Even in countries such as America, storytelling is still widely used by everyone. Parents tell their children stories about their family and past relatives, they read them books and share stories from their own childhood. People tell each other how their day was and what they did. By doing this they are sharing their …show more content…
According to Bruce Mackay, art expresses knowledge, preserves the body, challenge traditions of knowledge and can create new knowledge. Different cultures create art that has a story and meaning behind it. From the art, we can learn about a culture and their knowledge. Similar to humanities, we look at different pieces of art from a culture and see the similarities and differences between different artist’s artwork. By doing so we can see the similarities and difference which would tell us a story about their culture. Art is a type of storytelling that we look at and interpret rather than listen to. Through art, we are able to interpret perspectives of other cultures. In Liberal Education, Bruce discussed how Haida art includes specific designs and techniques, such as continuous flowing lines, outlines of animals, long circular shapes (ovoids) and u-forms. The design and material used in and for the art tell a story about the culture. We can use the stories told from the art to gain new knowledge of the culture and to link it to our own art and compare the differences between them and why they are different. Art tells stories of the culture and through it, we are able to gain a different perspective. By looking at what our culture refers to as art, we can see differences in our perspectives compared to other …show more content…
People share stories in many different ways, stories can be shared through reading, listening, and even artwork. By comparing different stories, people are able to gain knowledge about different cultures and even see their culture in a different perspective. Every culture has their own specific way of sharing their stories, whether it is through storytelling, writing or art, by looking at and analyzing their stories knowledge is gained. Knowledge is important because it allows a person to see things through ‘different lenses’, and it allows for them to be a better person. By learning and understanding different cultures, people are able to think broadly and become more knowledgeable, thus more empathetic towards other people because they are able to see the differences in their’s and other peoples way of living. In Anthropology, we learn about other cultures because it gives us more insight into our own culture, and in humanities, we learn about the past so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes. By learning about other people and cultures it allows for people to become more

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