The Scream Kent Monkman Analysis

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Aboriginal art is a relationship between political and cultural violence. People from different countries are welcome to Canada every day to start a new life and live freely Canadian government provides all the benefits so they can live a happy and comfortable life, but what about the people who were first in Canada? Kent Monkman is one of the country’s most celebrated artists, because of his artwork is based on realism, detailed the way Canadians have treated and represent Indigenous people. The Indigenous are being physical force from a catholic perspective through the ways the British enters in their territory, also how the government becomes helpless. Canadian First Nations artist Kent Monkman express the theme of violence and evil in his art work “The Scream”. He is …show more content…
There is a deep relationship between the people who live on it and their tradition and culture. Aboriginal art is a significance of blood and memory. It describes the relationships people have had since the beginning. The artists are exploring the art more and more and it gets deeper every time they dig for it, they always end up finding a broad range of memories. The concepts of their art are developed in ancestral languages. They talk about their process and moves. Most of the artists believe that Aboriginal culture and tradition is about unity whereas other culture such as European’s is about separateness. These values are inspired from traditional value systems such as the medicine wheel, the teepee poles teachings and the Midewiwin Society, to name a few. They are transmitted from generation to generation through myths, legends, stories, dances and images. There is a huge difference between both Indigenous and the European thinking about the knowledge and ways of the world. The Indigenous are very characterized by stages of reality and have deep connections with spirits and on the other hand the Europeans are quite

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