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  • College Admissions Essay: I Want To Go To College

    to discover more about our world and be able to improve upon it. While in college, I also hope to start internships and research with the college and its…

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  • Pay Gap Persuasive Essay

    The Wage Gap: Sports Edition The U.S. women’s national soccer team has a radiant, ambitious history. Over three decades, it has traveled from non-existent to the top of the soccer world. Although, that doesn’t mean they are treated that way. There is still gender based bias against them, specifically involving a large wage gap. Recently, the team took a step toward equality. In 2015, members of the US womens team their names being Carli Lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn, Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, and Megan…

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  • The Persistence Of Lionel Messi

    The Persistence of Lionel Messi Lionel Messi was introduced to the competitive soccer world at the tender age of 5. His older brother’s friends would go outside and play soccer and Lionel would play with them. This was the start of a legend. He went to play for Newell’s Old Boys and Barcelona (Barca). Messi, is arguably the best soccer player in the world, has had many problems, including being diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, however he used the Habit of Mind, Persisting, to inspire…

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  • High School Football Narrative Essay

    My team was my family for that year. We practiced all summer together and even won a tournament in St. George as a club team. Halfway through the school year and it was time to begin. We opened up the season with a bang. We won our first nine games straight. In fact, in every single one, we won by a margin of at least two goals. You could say that we were confident…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: The Sport Of Youth Football

    To me soccer has alway been about the teamwork and fair play involve with the sport that I love, how ever over the years the game has been more and more about the signal concept of winning. I personal feel that this is an over reach to what the game has been traditionally about. Soccer is a relatively cheap sport, builinding healthy, coordination, speed and stamina for life, and it doesn’t discriminate against any body size or height. youth soccer has become very much entrenched in our…

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  • Soccer Vs Hockey Essay

    athletes attain are ridiculous and there are multiple sports that are considered to have the greatest athletes. Although every sport is physically and mentally demanding in their own way, soccer and hockey have some of the greatest athletes in the world. The question is, “Who has the greatest athletes, soccer or hockey?” Soccer players need so many physical attributes to play one 90 minute game of soccer. First, the most important, stamina. 90 minutes running up and down the field, with a…

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  • How Does Soccer Make Me Happy

    that I am playing my match. I believe in playing soccer. Soccer is like no other sport it can bring old and young together. It is a very emotional game and even bring a grown man to tears. Soccer brings the biggest event in the world every ‘‘The World Cup’’. The world cup was watched by millions. You can never give up while…

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  • Personal Essay: Soccer Is The Ultimate Team

    conversation. When Alvaro first came to our English class, I had never met him in my life, but we connected instantly because we both play soccer. Alvaro and I talked in both classes we have together about soccer. The soccer world is a community. It is a very popular sport in the world and fans bond over their favorite pro team. All throughout my life I have played soccer and I am still very good friends with many of my former teammates, and I am making friends for life on my current teams.…

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  • Cathy Freeman's Argument Against Racism

    Script Draft: Hook – [Stand behind finish] She was clad in green and gold, in black, red and yellow. She wore the hopes and dreams of her people. [Break through the finish line] Then, she sprinted right to the finish line just as she had sprinted into the nation’s heart. Our country will not forget that day, when one exemplary individual reflected the attributes that epitomize Australia and its people, all in the span of 49.11 seconds. Intro - On this Australia Day, as we celebrate our…

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  • American Football Persuasive Essay

    Latin America, to Europe, to Asia and Africa, and North America. This sport is known here in America as soccer, and it’s been the world’s leading sport for a very long time now. If anyone asks me, I would say it’s really not that fun to watch the world compete via the same sport. Soccer is praised internationally, however, other sports, such as baseball, basketball, and American football, are not given as much attention worldwide. And there are some nations who have never heard of those sports,…

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