Zika Virus Research

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The Zika virus is quickly becoming a major problem for today’s society with the main problem being that scientists do not know why the virus is beginning to transmit so quickly. This study consists of research gathered the internet and peer reviewed journals produced by scientists. It was hypothesized that the increase in transmission is because of tourists traveling to sporting events in South America. Information was collected and observed and the findings supported the fact that climate change was to blame for the increase in infections and transmission of the Zika virus around the world. It is important that scientists take this virus serious and try to take action against it.
There is always going to be a problem with bacteria and viruses
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The one thing scientists do know though is that the virus is mainly being transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. The type of mosquito that is most commonly infected is the Aedes Aegypti that is living in tropical regions of the world. Blood transfusions also lead to transmission. This was the case in French Polynesia (Musso 2014). There are also, although very few, cases of the virus being transmitted through sexual intercourse (Musso …show more content…
This is the part that is up for debate. The first answer that people give is because of the raising temperatures around the world. If the global temperature raises even two to three degrees Celsius it can increase the people at risk of malaria by three to five percent. This would equal several hundred million people worldwide. One can make the connection that since both malaria and the Zika virus are carried by mosquitos that the same scenario would occur for the Zika virus. It is also stated the the Aedes Aegypti flourishes in warmer conditions. This would make one believe that since climate change is almost everywhere in the world now that this could be a real possibility (Milman

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