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  • Soccer Ball Research Paper

    Introduction Kick a ball, power a lamp, light up the world. Meet Soccket, a soccer ball and rolling power plant in one. Much more than a normal soccer ball, the SOCCKET is a portable generator that provides fun and power to those who play with it. The Original System ( A Soccer Ball) Input, Output and the Process Input- Energy used to play with it. Output- Emotions and the ending conclusion of the game Process- The soccer ball is made in a sphere form and stitched with pvc (Poly Vinyl…

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  • Soccer Is An International Sport

    Soccer is an international sport that growing rapidly around the world. The main purpose of soccer as any other sport is to have fun. Therefore, we cannot be talking about soccer without mentioning three important points which are: the rules, the competitive aspect of the sport, and finally the teams. First, there are some rules players have to follow while practicing the sport. For instance, only captains and the coaching staff are mandatory to claim anything to the referee during a game.…

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  • Effects Of Racism In Football

    Football, known as soccer in the United States, is ranked as the most watched and played sport in the world. With more than 240 million people who regularly play it, the sport has grown to be the most popular in the world (FIFA). What no one acknowledges after all, is the dark side of football, which includes homophobia, corruption, and most commonly racism. Racism has been a persistent problem, especially in Europe since it “first appeared around the 1970’s when England’s black players were…

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  • Gender Inequality In Soccer

    In 2015, several complaints were lodged against FIFA because they provided the Women’s World Cup with only artificial turf for them to play on. This caused numerous injuries to many female players at the international level. FIFA has never hosted a major international tournament on artificial fields for men. Another difference noted is how harshly FIFA and U.S. Soccer punish women when they make mistakes or break rules set by the federations. Hope…

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  • Why Is Soccer Considered The Most Popular Sport In The World

    According to New World Encyclopedia over 240 million people play soccer in more than 200 countries. Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world. More and more people are learning about the history of soccer, how to coach it, the players involved, and the types of plays in soccer. Soccer, which is called football in many countries, has been played for many years. Dating back to the second and third centuries in China was the first form of the game (“Soccer”). Soccer has been…

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  • Cristiano Ronalo My Inspiration

    The person who inspires me the most is soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, he isn't just a normal soccer player to me he is my inspiration and my motivation to never stop trying, never give up, and doing the best I can. This belief is important to me because during my own personal struggles as a kid I looked up to Ronaldo as a role model someone who I could relate to and make a personal connection with. I have come to develop this belief because even with Cristiano's struggles in life he was still…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Sport Is Soccer

    Brazil plays against Argentina it would be a tight game, me I’m going for Brazil it’s my favorite team since I was a kid because they are a smart team. I also like the players. To me Soccer is the most popular sport in the world they play Soccer in every country in the world, no matter if it’s a small or a big country, and it’s a sport for the…

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  • Hijabs: Don T Kick Up A Fuss Rhetorical Analysis

    wearing one. The writer is attempting to create the impression in her article that the Hijab is rather routine and common in sports, when in fact, the reality is, it is seldom seen on the pitch. As an example of its rarity, for the 2015 FIFA World Women’s World Cup, not a single female was observed wearing the Hijab during play, even though many Muslim countries participated in the event. Khan references the fact that Asmahan has been playing for many years in Ontario with the Hijab with no…

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  • Nike Pyramid Of Influence Analysis

    Nike is the leading brand for athletic apparel and footwear in the world. Nike’s core marketing strategy is to use the “pyramid of influence” approach. In that approach, Nike looks to small number of top athletes to promote the use of their product. In the early years, running legend and international track star, Steve Prefontaine, became the first spokesman. Nike was fortunate to contract another athletic legend, Michael Jordan, as a spokesperson. Nike took a gamble with Jordan, but the…

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  • Tough Aint Enough Analysis

    Tough aint enough Last month saw the finals of the women's world cup football with the UK coming in a respectable third as they played off against our favourite rivals Germany and the Americans, who still feel the need to call the game soccer, won over Japan - kudos. Certain things that stood out again, not only the level of skill proving every bit entertaining as their male counter parts, yet again proving just how tough these female athletes are some journalists comparing them to the men.…

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