Living With Courage Explanatory Essay

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Courage Explanatory Essay Would you let fear stop you from achieving your true potential? Many people let fear paralyze them and restrict them from reaching their goals. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do” which was restated by Kelley Kalafatich, in her TedTalk “Living With Courage”.To do the thing you think you cannot has a very clear meaning. You can not let fear prevent you from doing things that will ultimately better you. People reside from taking risks as they’re scared they will mess up, or embarrass themselves, but if they don’t try what it is they’re scared of they can never truly know how that risk could affect them. Facing one's fears, is the first step to reaching your goals. Eleanor Roosevelt's …show more content…
is a great example of the ability to do something that frightens someone. The movie is about a 22 year old minor-league soccer play who immigrated to the United States from Mexico at 10. His father is strongly against his passion for soccer, and feels it is a waste of time as it will never take him anywhere;instead, he insists that he starts a landscape business with him. When a former scout see’s Santiago play in California, he is astonished by his skill and asks his former club to give Santiago a trial. The coach agrees, and when Santiago is on the verge of buying the tickets to England, he finds out his father took his saved money to buy a new truck. When his grandma gets a hold of this news, she insists that she pays for the ticket, but Santiago is skeptical and begins to wonder if his father may be right. He declines multiple times and is attempting to accept that his dreams are childish, but his grandmother consistently insists and he finally boards a plane to Newcastle, England. Santiago is a perfect example of courage, as he was scared to use his grandmother's money and end up embarrassing himself and proving his father right. By taking this risk and facing his fears, he ends up signing a contract with the club and doing big things in professional soccer. Santiago could have simply given up and let fear rule his life, but Santiago took control his fear and it benefited his entire family. Courage is everywhere, stories, movies, shows, and even the world around

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