Definition Essay: The Power Of Fear

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Fear – How do we analyse fear. How do put into words something that comes from deep within our souls. It grips us in its vice and makes us a victim of all the HOGWASH that the world can spin. Fear has the ability to destroy our lives without us even realising that it has come into how lives.

What do you think motivates fear? Do each one of us have a unique set of triggers that cause fear within us; it’s as if it has its own set of finger prints on our lives. One of the biggest things that trigger fear is fear itself. We are so afraid of what people will say and do to us that we are unable to function without the positive approval of friends, family, colleagues, teachers...the list is in actual fact endless. We are so afraid of been left out in our peer groups, been laughed at or been mocked, afraid of been bullied or afraid of been called names. The fear of Fear resides in our mind and makes constant trips to off load in our spirit.
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Fear can kill your dreams the same way you could get knocked over by a car. Your fears decide your future and hold you back. Our direction in life changes because we fear what would happen if we tried something new and different. The direct link that our failures have with our inability to overcome our FEAR is real.

In my research I find that there seems to a consensus that there are certain things that hold us back. I chose 9 things listed by various psychologists that I think are the primary things that keep us in check.
Fear of Letting Go We fear letting go of familiar places; we fear letting go of relationships that no longer serve us; we fear letting go of people, places and things
Fear of Change If we manage to let go, what will happen then? Where will we go, what will we do? Are we going to be safe? What will happen to us?
Fear of Failure And if we embrace change, what if we will meet with failure and defeat? Who will we be then and what will our lives look

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