Cristiano Rolando Research Paper

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Do you like soccer? Have you ever played soccer? How long is a fullsoccer game? Who are some professional players? Who is Cristiano Rolando?What equipment do you need to be able to play soccer? How many playershave to play in order to make the game fair?Soccer is a sport played by 11 players or more and the game is played ona rectangular field with 2 goals on each side. Soccer is the most popular sportof all time. During a soccer game the only people who are allowed to touch theball with their hands is the goal keeper the rest of the players can not touchthe ball with their hands they could only play with their feet or they could alsouse their head or their torso.Soccer is a famous sport that many people play for example somefamous players a lot of people may know and go for their team is Chicharito,Neymar, Lionel …show more content…
Both men andwomen have the opportunity to win the world cup.For example a really good professional soccer player is CristianoRolando. He was born February 5, 1985. He jut turned 32 a couple days ago. Heis a Portuguese professional football (soccer) who plays for the team RealMadrid he usually plays on the field and his position is usually forward. In 2008Cristiano Rolando won his first balloon d’or and the FIFA World player of theyear award. He won another balloon d’or in 2013 and 2014 then in 2016 hewon his fourth balloon ‘or. In 2015 Cristiano Rolando he scored his 500th seniorcareer goal for club and country.Cristiano Rolando is often ranked as the best soccer player in the wholeworld. ESPN ranked him as the world’s most famous athlete in 2016. He beganhis senior club career playing for Sporting CP before he was signed toManchester United at the age of 18 in the year 2003. After the transfer fromManchester united to Real Madrid in 2009 it was worth 94 million. He is knownfor scoring the most goals during games like in 2013 to 2014 season he

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