Multiculturalism In Football Essay

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Multiculturalism in Belgium National Football Team
Hakan Guher
Antalya International University

ENG 102, Section 10
Instructor Tugce Akyol
May, 06, 2016

The purpose of this research is demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative relationship between multiculturalism and Belgium Football. In recent years, football in Belgium has been noted as a great improvement. It moved from fifty third rank to the first in ten years in Fifa World Ranking. When Belgium National Team’s current squad and 2006 squad are investigated, big differences are outstanding. Being the first football team in Fifa World Ranking, Belgium National Team
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According to Chapman J shows that when Belgium qualified for the World Cup finals, 2002, there were only naturalized Croatian Branko Strupar and Kinshasa-born Mbo Mpenza could be demonstrated as having roots in an another culture. Colin wrote a piece back in 2006 saying that “the Belgian team is too white” and it’s obvious that Belgium has been some way behind France in introducing players from different ethnic backgrounds. Today, with Romelu Lukaku, Moussa Dembele, Vincent Kompany and many others, the team accurately reflects the country’s ethnicity. …show more content…
Furthermore, there were three regions; the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region. When those situations are evaluated, it’s impossible to claim that Belgium is a united country. However, through the structure of Constitutional Court of Belgium different cultures live peacefully. Figure 3: The regions of Belgium
Like all countries in Europe, Belgium has been the part of immigration wave since the early 1970s. About twenty percent of the population is immigrant. Inclusion of immigrants in society doesn’t bring problem because of multiculturalism policy in Belgium and they god rid of being deeply divided country. Figure 4: Bilingual signs in Belgium
Immigrant Players in Belgium Have Overwhelming Attachment to National Identity
Drawing a straight line from immigration wave in Belgium and Belgium National Team is not correct. However, we can’t ignore the connection. Marouane Fellaini, Christian Benteke, Mousa Dembele, Vincent Kompany and Romelu Lukaku are sons of African immigrants, and they are the important part of Belgium National Team. In 2013, Kompany, the Manchester City defender, bought a small football club in Brussels, it is called Brussels BX, and established a system of economic encouragements to convince players to go

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