Soccer In The 19th Century

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There have been many different ways to say this word. Many like to say football others say soccer. But the truth is that, there is no correct way to say it. Soccer arose in England in the middle of the 19th century. But alternative versions of the game existed much earlier and are a part of the soccer history. An game alternative is a rock. (Street Directory) No one invented one with air till the 7th Century in Ancient Rome. But before that, the ball (rock), occurred in old Mesoamerican cultures for over 3000 years ago. (Street Directory) The ball would symbolize the sun and the captain of the losing team would be sacrificed to the gods. Some other variety of ball game came along like in China in 2nd and 3rd Century B.C. the ball game was called …show more content…
(Street Directory) These would be among the reasons for the proclamations against the game that finally was forbidden for several centuries. But the soccer-like games would appear again in the streets of London in the 17th Century. (Street Directory) When they played there was a variation in size of the ball, number of players, and length of the match. Soccer was mostly played in school with the kids. Finally the proper rules were set in Cambridge 1849. (Street Directory) “Few other sports show examples of passion to that extent as football.”(Street Directory) The motivation behind paying players was not only to win more matches, but in the 1880s the interest in the game has moved ahead to a level that tickets were sold to the matches. In the 1985 pro soccer was legalized, after that the Football League was established. The first season had 12 clubs. (Street Directory) Women were excluded until the late 19th Century, women could play. The FA Cup was the most important competition ever, besides the FIFA World Cup 1930 with (Uruguay) playing every four years. England and Scotland were the national teams which at the end of the game was left to 0-0.

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