Growth Of Soccer Essay

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All soccer fans are about the same. At one point in our lives, we all wish we were representing the colors of our nation, dating supermodels, and playing for the elite in Europe or in today’s game, $hina. We all know the stars, the history, and the records. We love to be part of the game because soccer is as much as about the passion of the fans as it is the movement on the pitch. Soccer is part the world’s economy, culture, and everyday news. However, in America, things are still a bit different. America is late to the party, but soccer is well and alive. We know the national team is improving, MLS is growing, and fans are becoming invested in the clubs (depending on the market). The biggest problem facing the growth of soccer is the identity …show more content…
We love to kick the ball around, go to the pub and watch The United States struggle at the World Cup, play FIFA, or go weekend’s FC Dallas game. Youth soccer smashes the participation rates than football and baseball (basketball still is ahead). The identity of soccer never comes from someone who is older than 25 years old. They think soccer is a communist sport. Truth be told, he or she never grew up having the ability to realize why the beautiful game is truly beautiful. Some markets do offer a proper soccer culture where the fans are part of the club like with Toronto, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and Orlando while other markets still struggle tremendously like Dallas. The big markets just have the luxury of being in a city with a diverse population. Marketing soccer here is making lemonade from powder compared to other cities where it’s making scotch in a garbage can. Here in North Texas, things are a bit odd. They love soccer, only if their kids are playing it on Saturday, but not so much FC Dallas. For whatever reason, the club just struggles with fans. You could blame FC Dallas for poor marketing, awful stadium, bad location, slow history, but truly there’s still no soccer culture. With the last two years of consistently winning for FC Dallas, soccer culture is coming to North Texas. Although the young generation does love soccer, it will be the reasonability of MLS to continue the passion for the years to

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