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  • The Impossible Job: England National Soccer Team

    soccer team manager has been described as “the impossible job”, even one of the best England manager Alex Ferguson said that England manager is an impossible job that he has turned down twice. Indeed, after Alf Ramsey lead the England team won the World Cup in 1996, none of an England manager has managed to achieve the quest of winning another major international tournament so far. The question is why is that so hard and impossible to win the international tournament. As the result, this essay…

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  • Reflection: Assessing Life Balance

    seeking more personal, play, social, emotional and spiritual time. In contrast, this past year I have been admitted into the business program, seen an increase in my academic standing, have a healthy relationship with my girlfriend, joined an AMS club where I serve as a vice president, found new hobbies that I am passionate about, was admitted into the co-op program, made many new friends, and increased the amount of time spent towards working on who I want to become. While far from perfect, my…

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  • Patriotism And Cosmopolitanism Analysis

    countries, such as United States or Russia, it always leads up towards competition, however hidden behind all these competition stories of ‘Which country has the most powerful military?’ or ‘Which country has the most advance technology that shook the world?’; There are some cooperation actions that improve the sustainability in people’s lives and safety. I agree that every country reach globalization as a connection to help others to understand in both cultures and their goals. In Martha…

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  • Equality Of Women In Sports

    media, stereotypes, and gender equalities. Of course, the equality of women through sport has changed over time, but there are still unequal opportunities for women to this day. Media coverage for women consist of televising the Olympics, Women’s FIFA World Cup, as well as tennis and curling; whereas for men, each sport played is televised. This also ties in, regarding the stereotypes, for women who play sports or have played; the stereotypes…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Image Of Christiano Ronaldo

    It’s the biggest sports brand in the world, and there is one phrase that signifies what they are “Just Do It”. The image of Christiano Ronaldo, arguably the best soccer player in the world is the athlete of this image, as such for his image there is a lot of success behind him that drives him as being the icon he is. He has countless world player of the year awards, and team trophies, from club teams to national teams that help his brand and the brand that supports him. The image in example can…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is FIFA Corrupt?

    Is FIFA Corrupt? ' 'We have fought colonialism and defeated it and we still fight imperialism and we will fight it whenever it manifests itself. ' ' (Fikile Mbalula) FIFA has been found to be accepting bribes and kickbacks from countries to host the World Cup. It is a great honor to host the World Cup, and FIFA’s actions should not be tolerated. Others, such as Qatar and Russia are content with this because they have already been granted to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The effects of…

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  • Soccer: The Most Famous Sport In The World

    poorest playground. How unfair will it be to say that soccer is important because it’s a lifesaver since it's used as a diplomatic means to solve political issues. But, that will be a false information because soccer is the most famous sport in the world because of its exceptional enhancement and maintenance of quality health, impressive social bonding and builds up of communities. Of course, the game soccer can be playeded in mud, grass, flat field, watch on TV, Play a video game and as a board…

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  • Female Athletes: Should They Be Paid Equal?

    Salaries of Female Athletes: Should They Be Paid Equal? Athletes of the female gender throughout the world are being seriously underpaid compared to their male counterparts. Women in sports are having trouble pursuing their dream of being a professional athlete because most can’t get scholarships to pay for school and training, and have less opportunities to play their sport because of underfunding of the program. After college, women athletes are having trouble finding jobs because there are…

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  • International Soccer And The World Cup Persuasive Speech

    putting it ahead of even the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball and the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football Association. The various soccer leagues around the world are the most recognizable sports organizations in the world, and each league contains players from countries around the world, further enhancing the notoriety of the sport. It is with this spirit of soccer that this guide is written, It is designed for both the fan of soccer, and those wanting to learn about it. The…

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  • Pele: A Brief Summary Soccer Player

    he could do with a ball and his feet. Pele was the youngest to ever join an International Soccer team. After 2 years he won his first World Cup. They defeated sweden 5-2. Pele is remembered around the entire world by soccer fans and…

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