Female sexual arousal disorder

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  • Michael Ondaatje The Time Around Markings Analysis

    This poem carries many sexual undertones which can be easily dissected. Evidently, the scars can be taken to signify the sexual encounters the two women have experienced. Seeing or thinking about the scars on his wife, the speaker is made to reminisce about the scar he left on his ex-lover long ago. He vividly recalls the incident…

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  • Judith Plaskow Good Sex Analysis

    patriarchal interpretation of biblical texts, but reformulated from positive strands of religious traditions and as envisioned by communities of resistance and transformations. Likewise, Patti Jung critiques the church’s failure in sanctifying mutual sexual…

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  • Orgasm, Inc.: Film Analysis

    The documentary, Orgasm, Inc, discusses the evolution of “female dysfunction disorder” and how this had inevitably led to the medicalization of female sexuality. The filmmaker, Liz Canner, begins by explaining how it was in the first place that she came about studying female sexual dysfunction “for nine years” and how this led her in making a documentary exposing the pharmaceutical companies’ roles in making profit by creating and defining the very diseases they “claim” to be able to cure.…

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  • Analysis Of Lust By Susan Minot

    Lust is often confused with love. Lust is purely physical attraction, sexual desire, and has no lasting effect. “Lust” by Susan Minot, is a deep story that involves a teenage girl, who is helpless and emotionally removed. This faceless and nameless girl wanders about, sexually, for three years, having sex with more than fifteen boys and several others who are unnamed. The female is the main character of the story. The way the female character perceives sex differentiates from the way in which…

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  • Sexuality In Popular Culture Essay

    Introduction There is a widespread trend today of the increasingly pervasive presence of sexuality in one form or another prevalent all over popular culture and particularly advertising today. This practice, and the central importance sexuality has been given in everyday expressions of popular culture, has become quite embedded in the public life, and is having some important effects on the social development of people, especially young people. This paper will explore the current state of the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Goldman And Roger Scruton

    Sexual relationships are a very opinionated topic, Roger Scruton and Allan Goldman both describe them very different. You either believe that you can have sex with whoever you may please, or you may think there has to be love or some sort of connection for people to have sex with each other. Allan Goldman and Roger Scruton have two totally different point of views on sexual relationships. Goldman simply says that sex is plain sex, he separates sex from emotions. He said that sex is desire for…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Love A Different Way Of Life

    It feels very strange to read your reply. I say strange because I feel several things all together and I want to explain them to you: I do like to read you want to talk about it In an odd way, I 'm almost glad you don 't like to hear about it, because it probably means you feel what we do in our intimacy is so special and you are afraid I 'm having something that special with someone else. But I 'm not sure about this feeling. I shouldn 't be liking this at all. I am afraid. I am afraid of…

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  • Lucretius Symposium Analysis

    a representative Epicurean philosopher, has provided an extensive description on human sexuality and a physiological interpretation of it. By offering a scientific explanation, Lucretius distinguishes between sexual pleasure and the purpose of human intercourse. He does not condemn sexual pleasure, but attempts to rationalize it as a way of releasing physical tensions without becoming obsessed with a single object of desire. Hence, appropriate manner of sex leads a life free of mental…

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  • Prosolution Pills Research Paper

    penis size. We see the incredible men’s satisfaction with erection hardening and sexual performance boosting, just as ProSolution pills claim. Personally tested. Highly recommended. Click Here To Visit ProSolution Pills Official Site ProSolution Penis Pills In Detail prosolution pills reviewProSolution is actually a complete male virility formula addressing every angle of your sexual life, from erection power to a sexual endurance and orgasm intensiveness. It consists of a pretty specific…

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  • Condom Shop Advertisement Analysis

    The feeling of being protected or safe is one of the many needs of a human. According to dictionary.com protection is defined as “the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm.” But protection comes in many forms. This ad for Condom Shop is all about being properly protected and is advertising condoms and safe sex. In the ad you can clearly see that the man is in some sort of battle or situation and he is not properly covered or protected like the other…

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