The Importance Of Personal Feelings

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Liberians are fond of using the phrase, “among my mother’s children, I love myself the best”; of course, this adage sprung out of biblical virtue of self-love, which is what every human being is about—protecting personal feelings, regardless of what anybody, including your beloved, tells you. He or she will never love you more than loving “thyself” first. And why should he or she? I mean, come on, I shouldn’t be the one to break the bad news that even you do not love your sex partner or spouse more than you do yourself. Do not waste time lying about it! Say and act the part all you want about “I love you,” however, with personal feelings, serving as a guide, it is always about "me" first. Hence, this analogy summarizes the explanation of human feelings, which is love “thyself” first before ever extending love to another person, regardless, how much you claim to love him or her. And this dynamic develops into defensive mechanisms, which extend to protecting personal feelings, involving sex, money, cheating, to name a few. Any violation of personal feelings invites conflict, which suggests the “difference factors” that many ignore when they think they are in love. . As I have determined, primarily, the “difference factors” swirl around unique qualities you own to the exclusion of others that set …show more content…
This is easier said than done, especially when trapped feelings are about money or sexual dissatisfaction, because then, personality seeps in as a contaminant. Interfacing feelings, sex, and personality to define and measure love is an enormous task for those that dismiss human differences, and the widened gap between men and women, who are not opposite, but different in thoughts, expectations, behavior, and

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