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  • Global Community Faculty

    On the other hand, it can be argued by the data above, that making a global community faculty was not necessarily the goal for the participants interviewed, and this is adding up to the intrinsic value Cooper and Mitsunaga found. Global Faculty Community is sensed as another important tool to achieve a deeper and greater goal, namely, the building up of knowledge and sharing for the sake of education. Either directly or indirectly, each professor participant of this small study made such endeavor clear. For Nancy Hanrahan was her interest on delivering feminist theory on a country that is young on the topic, thus her trip was more exiting. For Kurtz is his eager to comprehend and propose a solution to international conflicts through peace,…

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  • Adjunct Faculty Satisfaction Study

    TCMI has a small core of full-time faculty members and a dedicated group of long-time adjunct faculty members. Faculty members, including both full-time and adjuncts at Haus Edelweiss and adjunct faculty in the distant settings, reported close communication and collaboration among faculty members. Many of the adjunct faculty have been teaching with TCMI for a number of years; they bring the applied expertise that is a hallmark of the programs. For this reason, their suggestions about course…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue My Future Career Goals

    home; although, I did not know it at first. As an impressionable 17-year-old, I did not have a clue as to what I was looking for in a university. I felt a variety of emotions when touring Western during my last year of high school, including, but not limited to, excitement, insecurity, anxiety, and confusion. Such a large campus overwhelmed me; however, I felt as though I could feel at home here. As it turns out, my intuitions proved to be correct, as the past four years have provided me with…

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  • Clinical Incentive Case Study: Georgia Regents University Augusta

    University Augusta needs to develop an incentive plan for faculty with a clinical appointment. The previous incentive plan was developed in the late 90’s and was discontinued in 2013. Georgia Regents University Augusta is open to reviewing multiple models with the intent to develop a new incentive plan that will better reflect the current industry standards. Currently, our institution does not have a…

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  • Microsoft Value Position Essay

    Value Proposition Our tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro, has unique features for engineering students that our competitors lack. Distinctive benefits such as the surface pen and keyboard both offer the same input capabilities that a desktop offers with more efficiency. Utilizing these features, along with the app for education and multi-tasking windows, could help significantly reduce Cullen engineering students’ and faculties time with homework, studies, and other online assignments. Features…

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  • Meditation Three Descartes Argument Analysis

    But, conversely, how could we be blameworthy for a faulty faculty of judgement given to us by God? Surely God could have made us insusceptible to error, and it seems that a world without error would be preferable and more perfect. This paper will first explicate Descartes ' explanation of how errors occur and then proceed to consider his argument that humans are to be held accountable, despite God having to ability to prevent error. It will be contended that the success of this argument depends…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Zero Tolerance

    The zero-tolerance policy was created to make the school environment safer for the students, the faculty and the community. The policy address violent actions, possession of weapons and drugs with suspension and expulsion. The standard protocol for zero-tolerance eliminates the individual’s moral decision making as every case is conducted in the same manner, no matter the circumstance. As presented in “Stolen Trust”, by Kailey Burger and Meira Levinson, a great teacher-student relationship is…

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  • Faculty Initiatives

    throughout their college career are faculty members. According to Tagg (2003) article “To the extent that their work is relevant to the education of undergraduates, “the faculty” can be defined at most colleges as the people who teach the classes” (p.23). Faculty acquires the responsibility of being the individual who provides knowledge to learner throughout their academic career. O’Banion…

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  • Faculty Shortage In Nursing

    falls in this context is nursing faculty shortage. This paper focuses on the influence of nursing faculty shortage in establishing…

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  • Black Faculty Behavior

    stereotypical comments made about them in the classroom, generalizations of opinions made by individual Black students to reflect all Black students, and the failure of White faculty to acknowledge and incorporate Black perspectives in the curriculum (Guiffrida & Douthiti, 2010). This kind of behavior makes it difficult for Black students to approach White faculty for assistance (Schwitzer, Griffen, Ancis, & Thomas, 1999). Fries-Britt and Turner (2001) note that White faculty tend to question…

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