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  • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

    The three main items that we must focus on are capacity, faculty qualifications, and student learning outcomes assessment (cite textbook). A committee will be formed to address each of these items and a hard copy will be presented to the NCAA prior to the beginning of each semester. If UNC Chapel Hill follows the guidelines for one year, the students will be off probation. However, the faculty and staff will be on probation for at least five years pending on if they abide…

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  • Three Functions Of Leadership In Higher Education

    hierarchy, and power, which may seem effective from a design standpoint, this model can prove problematic as productivity and morale decline as faculty and midlevel administrators vie for power. Another weakness of the political frame is that those with the most perceived power, which rarely includes the lower-level employees, govern it leading to declining faculty morale (Echito,…

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  • Hofstra Honor Code Analysis

    buildings, and the list goes on and on. This list also includes an honor code that students, faculty and staff must follow. Many schools have created their own code to ensure that the honesty and integrity that the school values are projected by those that are associated with their campus. Hofstra University has developed their own honor code to protect the university itself, and its students and faculty. An honor code is used throughout many established communities and is needed to maintain the…

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  • Uniformities And Differences In The Role Of Peer Education

    found it hard to find common traits for comparing them. Among the few uniformities in our roles, the one we discovered instantly was that both of us are required to attempt the homework being assigned to the students beforehand. We agree with our faculty advisors when they state that completing the assignments earlier helps us learn from our mistakes and prepares us for possible errors that the students might also repeat. For BITM 215 specifically, the Teaching Assistants are requested to record…

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  • Delta School Systems Thinking Case Study

    and military leaders. The Delta school of nursing offers traditional baccalaureate, accelerated baccalaureate, Masters of Science (MSN), and doctorate degrees. The Delta school of nursing hired 5 experienced associate professors in addition to 20 faculty members for undergraduate and graduate programs. Therefore, current student body of 150 will increase to 200. The students are as follows: 75 traditional program, 30 accelerated baccalaureate, 20 family nurse practitioner, 10 nurse…

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  • Summary Of Rhetorical Analysis

    Besides, the intended audiences are public accounting careers and like our students who are accounting majors. Therefore, it can help students to consider whether or not they should consider to be accounting faculty. Purpose The author’s purpose is to focus on the process of retired CPA with being an accountant and explaining the method to test whether or not they are qualified to be an accounting professor. The two authors would like to introduce the major…

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  • Critical Race Theory Summary

    The purpose of this study is to examine the intersectionality of race and gender for African American women working at predominately white institutions as faculty, staff, and/or administrators. Many Black women working in higher education often experience marginalization, social exclusion, and lack effective mentoring in academia. Using a theoretical approach, I will use the critical race theory and black feminist thought as the framework to explore the effects race and gender has on African…

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  • Essay On Athletic Trainer

    Imagine if you were an athletic trainer covering a youth football game and you watch an athlete collapse to floor lying motionless after going in for a tackle. Early on, I observed the previous situation unfold before my eyes while working alongside an athletic trainer. Seeing how an athletic trainer must be able to handle such a situation, while communicating to parents and coaches in a calm demeanor, made me realize this profession has something to offer few others entail. Throughout my time…

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  • Case Study: A Day In The Life: Elena Flowers

    Flowers lab is a mixture of a dry lab and a wet lab and she collaborates with other faculty members. One faculty member she collaborates with often is Kord Kober, PhD, who is another UCSF genomic laboratory lead. They both manage and oversee the Nursing Genomic Lab together. Their lab functions as a resource to faculty and Flowers and Kober manage faculty activities and facilitate faculty research. Two other faculty members who collaborate and mentor Flowers are Yoshimi Fukuoka, RN, PhD, FAAN,…

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  • Theories Of Student Involvement Theory

    or off campus, enhanced interpersonal competency for female students and practical competency for students of color. Sixth, peer interaction positively affected the students’ openness to diversity and challenge. Lastly, out-of-class contact with faculty was positively related to gains in skills such as the ability to comprehend, analyze and apply sophisticated knowledge. The result of this literature review concurred with the findings…

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