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  • Why Do Students Enter Retention?

    Retention rate refers to the percentage of a school’s first-year undergraduate students who continue at that school next year. According to Mye Kulathungam, the assistant researcher at the Dickinson’s institutional research office, this year Dickinson’s first-semester retention rate is 95.8% compare to the average of 96.6% over the past three years. “It is not statically important”. Said by Kulathungam. “We see natural variation in this number, and there is no strong relationship between…

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  • Schuttloffel: Servant Leadership Analysis

    share in the continuous improvement and professional development of the staff. The addition of this component into my philosophy of education is directly supported by ISLLC standards 1 and 4, which encourage the school leader to collaborate with faculty, and community members to create a shared vision of learning and mobilize community resources to support student success. Schuttloffel describes this as serving the "one body of Christ," signifying that each member of the community adds value,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Parking

    If you witness people in the streets of Athens slamming car doors, throwing keys, sprinting to class, or kicking car doors–don’t be alarmed! These are the sights and sounds of students displaying anger because trying to park legally for an extended period of time at Ohio University is like trying to park legally in a “filled” parking garage-nearly ­impossible. Students agree, having a car on and around campus isn’t worth this frustration or expense! “Parking is by far the worst issue on the…

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  • Drug Testing In Schools

    000 students and about 100 staff members, a school will need 2,100 drug tests. The cheapest type of drug test is a urinal test, which can range from $28-$42, so the average would be $35 (Any Lab Test Now, 12)8. To drug test every single student and faculty member, the cost would be in excess of $74,000. In order to pay such expenses, schools will have to get rid of extracurricular activities such as athletics, art, and music programs. On top of that, not all drugs do appear on the urinal test…

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  • Swain County High School Case Study

    The data indicates that nearly 90% of the faculty agrees with this statement. Further analysis showed that 30% strongly agree with this statement. SCHS has a strong tradition of excellence in athletics and extra-curricular activities such as band and the performing arts, which is where we see a large…

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  • Triggers: The Key To Anxiety

    regret. Either way, while a lot of people have the gift of not having to deal with ‘triggers’, there are a great number of people who have to live with them daily. And based on my own experiences and those of the people around me, I do believe the faculty should be required to use trigger warnings in certain situations. The term ‘anxiety’ is usually defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease…

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  • The Role Of Gender Inequality In The Workplace

    (2015). The importance of capturing the experiences of the women rather than explaining from her point of view was crucial. While women face obstacles in all levels of the workforce, she chose to focus on women transitioning from faculty positions to administrative positions. Also, Fitzgerald wanted to observe the interactions between women in leadership roles and their female colleagues. Some would claim that most women support other women in leadership roles but this is not the…

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  • Washburn University Interview Research Paper

    Faculty Interview For an assignment I was given a challenge to talk with a faculty member of Washburn University. The faculty member I have chosen was Dr. Chris Conner. I chose Dr. Conner because he seems like a very interesting individual. Also, I am very interested in sociology and how sociology has affected him. I also know that sociology is a difficult area of study because it is always changing and individuals have different views on how sociology affects the world. Also Dr. Conner likes…

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  • Reiman Gardens Case Study

    art throughout the entire garden. The natural beauty of the garden is one that has been around since 1914. Since 1914, the garden has been allowing students, faculty, and even guests to visit the pleasing garden. Reiman Gardens not only serves for its natural beauty, but also serves as a learning and research sanctuary for students and faculty. Reiman Gardens’ mission is to “educate, enchant, and inspire an appreciation of plants, butterflies, and the beauty of the natural world” (Reiman…

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  • Campus Carry Analysis

    The campus carry law refers to policies that allow appropriately licensed students and faculty to carry a handgun on campus as long as the gun is hidden from sight. Several states, including Texas, have passed a bill allowing campus carry; as a result, polarizing debates have ensued over the effectiveness of the law, or more specifically, whether campus carry is truly effective in decreasing gun violence on campus. In the article “How Guns Could Censor College Classrooms” the author, Firmin…

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