Importance Of Post Graduate Education

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Driving through the Western University gates on Richmond Street in the Fall of 2011 was my first glance into a place I would soon call my home; although, I did not know it at first. As an impressionable 17-year-old, I did not have a clue as to what I was looking for in a university. I felt a variety of emotions when touring Western during my last year of high school, including, but not limited to, excitement, insecurity, anxiety, and confusion. Such a large campus overwhelmed me; however, I felt as though I could feel at home here. As it turns out, my intuitions proved to be correct, as the past four years have provided me with ample opportunities and experiences that have encouraged me to continue my education, and future career goals here …show more content…
I took classes such as Digital Imaging, Social Networking, Advertising, among many others. These classes, on top of the opportunity to take two internship credits: one with The Awesome Foundation of London, and the other with Western Housing, allowed me to realize what I really wanted to achieve was a career in Public Relations and communications. This realization then led me to an endless Internet search of how I was going to achieve this goal. I cannot begin to explain the amount of searching I did when trying to decide where I wanted to pursue post-graduate education. Then one winter night, while I was studying for finals, FIMS intrigued me once again. Upon receiving an email about the new graduate program: Master of Media in Journalism and Communications, I was immediately relieved. I looked at the program website and realized it combined all of the things I was interested in: communications, social media, digital production, among many other topics. This program also allowed me the opportunity to gain real-word experience through an internship program, which especially fascinated me. This program offered me all of the things I was frantically considering choosing, and allowed me to do all of this in a place I have learned to call

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