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  • Comparing Oil Prices

    controlled by the way oil companies operate in the United States. Other variables exist external of an oil company’s control, due to rules and regulations that are associated with various environmental agencies. The most common are the import and export capabilities and limitations, the cost of production, and the supply and demand consumers possess dependent on the time of year. All of these elements will seem similar in nature yet yield an inverse reaction that is reliant on the current price…

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  • The Effect Of Britain's Migration From The European Union

    of countries that are a part of the EU” (Ollerenshaw,2016). An important issue that most businesses are concerned with is trades. The EU is one of the UK’s most vital trading partner as in 2015 it was responsible for 44% of UK goods and services exports furthermore the UK even has a deficit of £69 billion and a surplus of £30 billion with non-EU countries. The future of trade with the EU will directly be dependent on new negotiating terms with the EU as they will have to be members of either the…

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  • The Great Depression Spreads

    The Great Depression Spreads The cause of Depression spreading in the United States internationally was, the catastrophic collapse of stock market price in 1932 ever since then everything went downhill. In 1933, banks started to lose all their money and go downhill just like everything else. All this caused people to go homeless, go into debt, and become unemployed, (1, 6)“unemployment had risen to between 12 and 15 million workers, or 25-30 percent of the work force”. All this caused…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Article Of Confederation

    The Article of Confederation had many weaknesses in its design, including no chief executive and no taxes. The Americans were afraid of having a strong central government because they just fought a war over it. So, they only had one branch of government with no head figure. The Congress’s power was limited so much that the states had way more power than the government did. This allowed each state to create a constitution that let them set laws and a government according to what each state wanted…

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  • The Role And Responsibilities Of A Tramp Agent In The Maritime Industry

    of a Tramp Agent differs from those of a Liner Agent. A Tramp Agent’s responsibilities include attending to Owner’s or Charterer’s matters; arranging for stevedores; cargo work equipment; preparing port clearance documentations; preparing import/export documentations; expediting inward/outward movement of cargo; expediting…

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  • Ratio Analysis In Hindustan Unilever

    Unilever Nepal Limited. Its factory represents the largest manufacturing investment in the Himalayan kingdom. The factory manufactures Hindustan Unilever Limited’s products like detergents, soaps and personal products both for the domestic market and exports to India. Brooke Bond acquired Kothari General Foods, with significant interests in Instant Coffee in 1992. It acquired the Kissan business from the UB Group and the Dollops Icecream business from Cadbury India in…

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  • Price Specie Flow Model

    the gold coins are assumed to be circulated. Also, from the price-specie flow mechanism based on the gold standard, those nations that possess trade balances that are positive are in a good position of importing money to be exchanged with their exports. On the other hand, those nations with negative trade balances exchange their imports by exporting…

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  • China And Globalization

    For example, a Chinese investor would not be able of getting dollars if the export of goods and services from China to the USA does not exist. However, since dollar is the currency accepted by convention in the overall (with some exceptions) world trade, a Chinese investor could get dollars by exporting goods and services from China…

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  • Summary: Negative Effects Of NAFTA

    S. has not withdrawn from a trade agreement since 1886 (Luhby, 2016). However, one of the possible outcomes from pulling out of NAFTA is a trade war with Mexico and Canada (Luhby, 2016), which would be very damaging to the U.S. economy considering export to Mexico and Canada account for one-third of total U.S.…

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  • Compare Vietnam And Singapore

    local evidence part. Now, these evidences will have us to compare Vietnam and Singapore. At the beginning, about the budget, in the history, Singapore can get $44.43 billion, and it 12% more than $38.89 billion of Vietnam. (3) Then, we move to the exports, Vietnam only gets $114.60 billion, however Singapore gets $435.80 billion, it is 4 times more than Vietnam.(3) We will also talk about GDP , Singapore has 27.8% and Vietnam has 40.7%. It is 46% more if we compare Vietnam to Singapore…

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