Evolutionary robotics

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  • Argumentative Essay On Artificial Intelligence

    “Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can elicit empathy and make you quiver” A quote written by a author, poet, and naturalist named Diane Ackerman. Most people in the society totally must have agreed to this quote. They have the same mindset, a negative one regarding to the matter of Artificial Intelligence like the fear of them surpassing human intelligence. The rest might just think that the possibility of artificial intelligence doing that is…

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  • Hanson Robotics Case Study

    Recently, the Hanson Robotics, an artificial intelligence company in the United States, has attempted to create an AI with developed social skills. They have developed a social robot, named Sophia. She is able to process visual data, see people's faces, process conversational data, as well as emotional data. She could use these data to form relationships and socialize with humans. As for physicians coping with health care in hospitals, AI may replace physicians in some areas. For example,…

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  • Startup Cube Case Study

    4.3. Intelligent surface ecosystem The startup Cube was created to develop and commercialize a type of technological platform with the purpose to transform some surfaces (e.g. tables, walls) into a computer interface, like a touch screen. To do so, the entrepreneurs decided to build a complex ecosystem. First, they formed a network of application developers. Second, they also created a network of two start-ups, a R&D lab and a partnership with an established firm for developing the hardware…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Robots

    Skynet from Terminator, Ultron from The Avengers, and the robots from I, Robot are all Hollywood dramatizations of robotics. These are all extreme examples that tend to strike worry into the hearts of the viewer. Comparing the initial upbringing of these three extreme examples to today’s robots, they are programmed to increase the quality of life for inhabitants on Earth. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is intelligence programmed into machines or robots to overcome challenges. Modern…

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  • Steven Spielberg A. I. Artificial Intelligence Analysis

    Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) explores us to a future humanity full of intelligent machines. Throughout the movie, it is debated whether the “mecha” (robots) are as real as the “orga” (humans). This parallels the debate today on whether machines have the ability to truly know things the same way that we can, or whether they are only capable of doing what we program them to. The problem is the definition of knowing; it can be applied to shared knowledge as well as…

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  • Why Do People Use Robotics Benefit For Humanity?

    of labour will increase incomes and generate new product and demand that in turn create a new jobs for displaced workers."(The Economist 2014). This assignment will explain more about the robotics benefit for humanity and its limitation. More over what precaution should we take when robotics age coming. Robotics for individual Nowadays robots have been infiltrating our lives. There are everywhere, anywhere, even there are one in front of you (The Atlantic 2014). If you don 't believe it, look…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In Fashion Design

    For the last few centuries, robots have assisted humans in the creation of apparel. Although, with recent advancements in technology, many are beginning to question whether machines will one day be able to encompass the capacity to be creative. While some people believe that jobs involving human creativity, such as fashion design, aren’t at risk of becoming largely influenced by automation, I affirm that fashion design is nearing the tipping point of becoming so technologically advanced that a…

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  • Artificial Intelligence Pros And Cons Essay

    Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, is a robot that has the capacity to “think” and make its own decisions. Personally I can’t really choose if I am in favor or against this invention because I think an AI would be pretty cool and helpful in our day to day life like Samantha in Her. It or she would function on her own accord by the needs of Theodore and would make is life so much easier like read his mails when they arrive and at the morning and so much other things, in my opinion…

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  • H2 Robot Exoskeleton Case Study

    This chapter presents the software development for the H2 robotic exoskeleton, as well as the integration of the device with a neural interface. The software was developed with an architecture of layers, with three different levels. This approach makes easy the development of new therapies or control strategies without rewriting all the code. The chapter begins with the description of the software implemented to control each H2 joint actuator. Following is the description of the middle layer of…

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  • Swarm Robotics Essay

    Abstract— Swarm robotics is an advanced robotics field which involves co-operative behaviour implemented on robots. Swarm robots find its applications in a large number of fields like process automation, defence, surgery, surveillance etc.In the centralised swarm robotic approach, we have a master robot and one or more slave robots. For a known environment this approach has a very less response time. The master robot is basically in charge of the slaves and controls their actions through sending…

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