Episodic memory

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  • Amnesia Case Study

    Amnesia A slideshow of familiar faces and people; every frame associated with a particular smell, taste, emotion, or feeling. Our memories are foundational to each of our personalities and influence nearly every decision that is made throughout our days. A network of associates weigh the possible benefits and repercussions of every decision that could influence you in the future at supersonic speed, based on previous experience and recollection. So, how would someone without access to their own…

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  • Narrative: Marah El Negomi Period: 8 Episodic Memory

    Marah El Negomi Period:8 Episodic Memory: Taking my road test My father; Will Smith: decides to teach me how to parallel park the morning of the test. Marah; Sandra Oh: is nervous and upset at her father. “We should reschedule, I know I will fail. There is no point to go and waste time if I am not prepared.” My father; Will Smith: “You will not fail, you just have to focus.” Will Smith and Sandra Oh proceed to drive to an empty parking lot to teach Sandra how to parallel park. After…

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  • Observational Child Observation

    As a project for my Child Development class, I completed an observational child study. I chose a four year old male child of one of my co-workers, whom I had met several months prior to the study. Paxton was born on June 15, 2012 and was six weeks premature. Aside from the requirement of a feeding tube at birth, Paxton suffered no complications. At 30 pounds and 33 inches, he is in the 5th percentile in weight and the 25th percentile in height (Clinical Growth Charts, 2016). His height is…

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  • Essay On Memory Retrieval

    Memory is a critical part of our lives. It helps us to get better grades in school and reflect on special moments we experienced. There is a vast amount of research in psychology on what promotes and inhibits memory encoding and retrieval. Our current study assessed the difference in memory retention when expecting a memory test vs. a surprise memory test. We selected 253 participants from Dalhousie University and split them into two groups. One group was expecting a memory test and the other…

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  • Memento Movie Analysis

    Preface In the movie Memento, the viewer is faced with a number of questions about memory and the influences it has on a person’s satisfaction in life, their personality and brain function. These questions are especially relevant to the protagonist, Leonard Shelby who has Anterograde amnesia after damage to the hippocampus. The director, Christopher Nolan, accurately portrays the influences of hippocampal damage, similarly seen in Henry Molasis (H.M) Biological Biologically speaking,…

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  • Failure In Recognition And Memory Recall

    Memories in the brain are at times recycled from episodic to semantic memories. This transfer makes a memory general knowledge to the individual. That creates more room for new memories. The problem with this system is that a new memory is encoded into an old memory. Both memories may have many similarities, but can have different core context. For example, an individual studies months on a specific question that asks the individual to name four characteristics to a mental disorder, after…

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  • Hollywood Memory Loss Essay

    How Hollywood Forgets the Real Facts About Memory Loss While the most intense amnesia syndromes are normally triggered by neurosurgery, brain infection, or a stroke (Baxendale, 2004), amnesia caused by traumatic brain injuries and psychological stress seem to occur more often in Hollywood cinema. Through the protagonists of The Bourne Series and Anastasia, Hollywood follows the aftermath of traumatic incidences which cause both individuals to develop retrograde amnesia and lose their identity.…

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  • Disadvantages Of Episodic Future Thinking

    These regions have been implicated in episodic memory (EM), memories for events related to one’s personal past (Buckner et al., 2005), and mental simulation for the future (Addis, Wong, & Schacter, 2007; Hassabis, Kumaran, & Maguire, 2007). Episodic future thinking (EFT) refers to the ability to envision oneself in a future or imagined scene that one has yet to experience (Hassabis et al., 2007). Due to similar neuronal activations in EM and EFT, the episodic simulation hypothesis (ESH) was…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Early Adulthood

    have never been able to predict. Furthermore, the treacherous journey of life events, I finally have an understanding on life, and what I expect in the future. Childhood My childhood brought myself some of my first memories, even though I don’t recall too many specific details, as my memory of such specific events has decayed. (p. 204) However, I did start to realize who I was and what separated the others from myself. I moved to DeWitt when I was 5, and quickly got enrolled in the DeWitt…

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  • Organic Amnesia Case Study

    Introduction Long-term memory (LTM) consists of two categories namely episodic memory (EM) and semantic memory (SM). SM is the general knowledge that we understand about the world around us, such as facts, beliefs or concepts, devoid of autobiographical details. Cases of organic amnesia assist us in understanding how memory functions, though it is well established that EM and SM are separate systems within LTM (Tulving, 1972). It is less well established if SM can be divided into functionally…

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