Episodic Memory Analysis

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Through brain imaging practices, scientists have been able to identify that the same areas of the brain that are activated when recalling past experiences, are also activated when trying to calculate the future. The main region of the brain that scientists note for experiencing this similar activity is the hippocampus. Despite their being sources of distributed representation, episodic memory relies heavily on the hippocampus. This fact is illustrated when Mckinnon finally began to reach out to professionals for help to determine if she had a problem. Mckinnon was able to come into contact with Brian Levine, a scientist at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto. Levine worked with her and was able to pinpoint that she actually did lack episodic …show more content…
and an Italian who contracted encephalitis. K.C. damaged his hippocampus in a motorcycle accident. As a result of this, K.C. had no episodic memory. However, he did have an intact semantic memory, which is the same condition that Mckinnon is understood for experiencing. He had similar difficulties as Mckinnon, as he was unable to recall the events that took place at his brother’s funeral. He only knew the fact that his brother had died. In contrast, the Italian woman who contracted encephalitis had an intact episodic memory, but had an impaired semantic memory as a result of her illness. She had issues recalling facts and understanding the meaning of words. This form of dissociation between these two individuals reflects how episodic and semantic memory can exist independently of one another, and that they are indeed separate functions of …show more content…
From an evolutionary standpoint, he wonders why humans evolved to obtain an episodic memory. He wonders this because Mckinnon is able to do many of the same things that those with normal functioning memories are able to do. Thankfully, the works of Allen and Fortin can help shed light on this. Episodic memory, according to Allen and Fortin, can help humans and other animals be more successful in their environment. By more successful, this means they may increase their chances of survival. For example, if a person or animal is faced with a need, they could use their episodic memory to predict methods or actions that could satisfy their need. This demonstrates how episodic memory can guide one’s

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