Classical Music Argumentative Essay

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Some people rely on it for almost everything, including studying. Does it really help, or is it just an excuse to listen to your new favorite hits? Music, everyone listens to it at one point or another whether it’s classical, country, rock, or any other genre, is it really helping, or is it hurting you? Music has helped alzheimer’s patients in the past, so can it help students with healthy brain activity to study? Using music in classrooms is a controversy to say the least, but one teacher played classical music regularly for her class that had behavioral and emotional difficulties. She played music that had an average tempo, or 50-70 beats per minute (b.p.m.). If classical music can help students as greatly as it did for her, can …show more content…
This results in more happiness and less anxiety and pain. A certain type of classical music actually causes anxious and uptight individuals to relax. Everybody knows that music causes emotional and behavioral responses in the brain, but do they know that engaging both sides of the brain in activities like singing or playing an instrument can increase its ability to process information in later situations. Emotions are also linked to memory, so when a song makes you really happy or sad you’re more likely to remember it; when alzheimer's patients hear a familiar song, it’s not unheard of them singing along with it, and there are some days that patients can only remember a song from their youth. Even with older adults without alzheimer's, memory is being helped from upbeat and downbeat music. Listening to music can enhance mood, arousal, and cognitive performance. Mood can be summed up as long lasting emotion, arousal is physiological activation and it can influence the brain’s performance. Emotional events are more easily remembered by healthy individuals as well as individuals with brain injuries or disorders. One study on the effect of music on memory using vocabulary tests, multiple choice questions and a test of their processing speed. They played no music first, white noise second, then Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, and

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