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  • Nonconformism Analysis

    Trend. Fad. Blind leading the blind. Mainstream. A lot of names that mean one thing: conformity. Many people, including myself, aim to go against and question these ideals. These people in our society are usually titled nonconformists. The nonconformists that I see are just obsessed with being apart from the norm and tend to question and criticize anything popular and counteract it. I’ve also noticed they admire other people’s individuality or style and try to model it for themselves, because…

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  • Christina Baker Kline's Orphan Train

    The common book, Orphan Train written by Christina Baker Kline, not only brought a realistic feature to the novel, but also made the story a touching and perspective changing one. Kline’s insisted on basing the book on real life occurrences and stories from people who experienced the orphan train first hand. By interviewing those who lived through the events first hand, Kline successfully made the book as real and true as possible. Vivian’s past allowed her to have a deep connection with Molly,…

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  • Chester's Point Of View: A Narrative Fiction

    Chester 's Point of View: Imagine being soaked by the rain, cold and alone, from being ditched by your best friend at three in the morning. Not only that, but having to hitch-hike, knowing the next car that pulls over could be anyone. For all I knew, a serial killer or worse could be waiting for me, a little too willing to give me a ride. Thankfully, that wasn 't the case when a kind woman stopped and asked if I needed a ride, who turned out to be a fan. She picked me up, knowing where I needed…

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  • Tortilla Curtain And Ceremony: A Comparative Analysis

    During the summer of 2017, my English teacher had several requirements that we had to complete over the course of the 2017 summer. Two of the Requirements politely asked us to read two novels, The Tortilla Curtain and Ceremony. These two books had many modern conflicts dealing with War, Immigration,Traditional medicine versus modern technology, and the general feelings towards the aliens of our culture. With all the controversy in these two books both books had a similar connection. Dante…

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  • Goth Rap Music Research Paper

    When you think about black fingernails, skinny jeans, and platform boots the image of Marilyn Manson fans in Hot Topic comes to mind, but if you have been paying attention to the underground cloud rap scene, then the likes of Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, and Black Kray or maybe even weirdclvn crossed your mind. Coming from the leaned out realm of hi-hats layered over distorted samples ranging from Bleach to Linkin Park, the goth rap aesthetic has been adopted by different artists in different forms and…

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  • Distributive Justice In Bigger's The Bluest Eye

    free as in this night and day of fear and murder and flight” (Wright 30). Bigger’s story did not have a happy ending. His fate was similar to anyone tries to break society’s rules. As discussed before, Bigger did not choose to have such a complex lifestyle. His fate was already decided the day he was born with black skin. Bigger had known all his life “that sooner or later something like this would come to him. He had always felt outside of this white world, and now it was true” (Wright 270).…

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  • Chicanas In America Summary

    Chicanas in America faces difficulties when seeking their identity. Although Chicanas/o find it difficult to balance two cultures, they feel isolated doing so. The author acknowledges the power of what art and literature obtains when carrying out their goal or message. Chicanas uses these tools to aware the public about issues they face and how hard it is to be a Chicana in two distinct cultures. Many Chicana struggles with their identity and they communicate through art and literature.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Modern Technology

    people are so addicted to social media in such an unhealthy way that leads them to fond a bond with people they have never met in real life. They so become so isolated from the real world because they are constantly on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Emo, Instagram, Skype, and WhatsApp. Marriages result in divorces people one spouse is addicted to his/her online boyfriend/girlfriend. It is not only through online dating that people get addicted to social media. Social media comes in many forms.…

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  • Grainger Street Monologue

    away they look a lot alike. Claiming to be half spanish Dom is known for his famous Facebook pout and his way with the ladies. (Or more like his way of harassing every lady he sees.) Walking with them is also Steven, a 5”3 something bearded man with emo traits. Being the youngest of the group he is also the most immature. Then there is skinny jack and fat jack. Their nicknames tells you everything you need to know. Fat jack called me a swedish bitch once, i can’t say i was happy about that. I…

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  • The Influence Of Stereotypes

    In my mind, for the sense of me and you: By Anakin Millard Why do stereotypes work? How does one even write someone off as harsh as a “kitten killing emo” or best that I have heard a “selfless selfie snapchat harlot.” After all the garbage you're taught throughout life, this still occurs a lot… the typical shoulder shrug; or the silent treatment is what this topic gets most of the time. This disgusting topic goes by the name of “stereotypes.” So how do these work? Well, if you do you do some…

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