Music Influence On Society

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Society does not realize how much music has an impact on children growing up today. It’s an important role in socializing or doing daily tasks and activities. It’s not a proven fact, but without music the world we live in would be boring and dull. Music inspires us and it gives us sense of meaning. The youth of today’s generation relies on music to do so many things. It influences their behavior, forms their identities, and social lives.
Today new and upcoming artist have changed the face of music. Hip-hop being the most changed. Hip Hop music made African-American men feel proud to be black and empowered. It inspired them to be someone, they knew how to respect those around them, and were taught more than just lust and violence. Hip-hop music
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It’s also used to form who they are. Usually teenagers are still discovering who they are and want to be. Music helps shape their identity. People usually become friends with others who have the same taste in music. Once they find that they have a common interest that creates a bond or a lasting friendship. People may not want to associate with people who have different tastes in music because they’ll have their arguments, but sometime associating with a group that has a different preference allows them to explore and try new things. Music is such a huge part of life. It’s very beneficial and influential depending on the type being listened too. Music comes in all types just like people. There’s rock, rap, country, soul, Christian rap, etc., the list goes on. Along with the genres of music, people get categorized by the type they listen to. For example, if a guy listens to rock people will stereotype him to be emo/depressed and suicidal. He’s labeled “goth” or “emo”. If a guy or girl listens to rap music then they’re labeled “violent” or “ghetto”. Music is who we are, but not all the time. I know quite a few people who listen to rock or rap and are the complete opposite of what these stereotypes label …show more content…
So why create music that’s not about any of those topics, when their fan base is right there? The increased popularity of it the more music will be created about it. Just like anything else in the world. Music has changed to this sex crazed, drabbing, and party going new era that is teaching kids that these things are “cool”. They’re not, but what better does this new generation know? When the music all around them is singing or rapping about just that, that they’ll follow. It has and will continue to impact the upcoming generations. Music is who we are, it’s our way to relieve stress or isolate ourselves from the world. Music will continue to shape the future youth of America and around the world with their behaviors as

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