Tayo's-Healing Journey In Ceremony, By Leslie Marmon Silko

"Ceremony" is a novel about a young man - Tayo's - healing journey, from PTSD and cultural and family conflicts to building a life of wellness, connection, and identity. The novel was written by Leslie Marmon Silko, and she shows the life of a Tayo and his journey after World War II, where he comes back suffering from PTSD and other personal situations like PTSD. Silko does well in showing how natives have young men go on journeys to find peace or something of the nature. She also shows the mental issues that many veterans come back with and how some of them cope with the issues. Some can develop an addiction like alcohol in which they “drink” their sorrows away. The story explains the journey Tayo goes through in order to revive himself and …show more content…
In Tayo’s journey of healing he goes through many things first. They range from being seduced by Night Swan who is Josiah’s love interest, to watching Harley be torchered to death. Tayo arrives back from the war, but he is too mentally ill that he needs to stay at a veterans hospital until he is cleared to leave.. He returned to live with his aunt and grandma in a town called Laguna Pueblo. Upon arriving, Tayo finds out that the area hasn’t seen rain for a while and this causes him to search for a way to make it rain. Then he finds out that some friends made it back from the war, but they usually deal with the mental illness with alcohol. He then has a ceremony from the medicine man that his grandma called to come, which helps but does not cure him of the illness. He then finds a solution to the drought which consists of Tayo going to a nearby spring and creating a rain ceremony; the next day it finally rains after the drought. The medicine man , Ku’oosh, realises that what Tayo has gone through is not enough and sends him to another medicine man named Betonie. After a while Betonie tells him he needs to invent and finish a new ceremony and then lets him return reminding Tayo that his …show more content…
If tayo never cared for the cattle he would have never gone onto the white man’s property and would never see the destruction first hand. He also would have never been chased by the police as well never even step foot into the uranium mine. It was essential to chase after that cattle as it led him towards finishing his journey and completing the ceremony.
Tayo’s friends were also essential in his path towards healing. Without them he would never realise that their habits are not good at all it's only the opposite. Finding out that he is not the only one that has problems in the head shows that it can happen to anyone and that he needs to find a way to heal himself from it if he really wants to have a normal life. Instead of falling into alcoholism like many of his friends he decides to go on a journey of healing and wellness.
The novel’s journey shows that even if you are dealing with PTSD, cultural or family conflicts you can still find a way to have wellness, connection, and identity. Ceremony has great imagery on the location of the story. From Laguna Pueblo to the uranium mine, you could really picture it well in your imagination. The story also enlightened me of the traumatic situations many veterans come back with after the war they served in. It also shows how many native americans are treated even if they served for our nation and how people discriminate just because of your skin color. The novel

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