Like Water For Chocolate In The Novel Like Water For Chocolate

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The novel Like Water for Chocolate takes place on a ranch in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution during 1910-1917. The book contains many characters with many characteristics. Tita, the main character, is a young eighteen year old female that lives with her mother, Mama Elena, on their ranch. Tita is the youngest daughter in her family. She has two sisters, Rosaura and Gertrudis. According to the family tradition, the youngest daughter, which happens to be Tita, cannot marry and has to take care of Mama Elena until her death. This becomes a problem throughout the story for Tita. Finding the love of her life, Pedro, she struggles trying to speak with him because Mama Elena doesn’t want to see them talking. Pedro is Tita’s love and Tita is Pedro’s …show more content…
After the fact that Rosaura, Pedro, and Roberto now live in San Antonio, Tita has no other passion than to feed worms to baby pigeons. The army come to visit Mama Elena’s ranch and asks to search it. Mam Elena pulls a gun on them and threatens them. The army agrees with the fact that they cannot go into her house, and they leave in peace. Tita’s job is to bathe Mama Elena. She requires an elaborate series of tasks that Tita is unable to complete successfully because of her depression. Tita cannot help but to remember the night where Pedro followed her to the bathroom and the two shared a intimate moment before Mama Elena hollered for Tita. Roberto dies and Mama Elena blamed Tita for it. The next month of June, the recipe is a recipe for making matches. Tita wonders of to a small room in the house to this pleasant smell. She finds and eighty-year old woman who gives her a cup of tea. Dr. John Brown then takes over the room to work on his scientific inventions to advance medicine. The old woman ends up being Dr. Brown’s grandmother. Dr. Brown tells Tita all about him and his grandmother’s relationship. The next month, July, is a recipe for ox-tail soup. Chencha bring Tita soup, and as Tita eats it, she sees Nacha’s ghost next to her. Back at the ranch, Mama Elena has forbidden anyone from visiting Tita or mentioning her name. Tita receives a letter from Gertrudis thanking her for the clothes. Dr. John brown …show more content…
Tita began crying while chopping the onion. Rosaura found out about her mother’s death and gave birth prematurely. This operation causes her uterus to be taken out, leaving her with no possibility to be pregnant again. Tita claims that she has become “like water for chocolate” meaning she is ready to boil over with anger. When Tita is showering, she notices Pedro staring at her so she gets out to go get dressed. Pedro follows her into a dark room and throws himself against her, causing her to lose her virginity. The month of September is now here and the recipe calls for chocolate and three kings’ day bread. Tita is scared that Pedro might have gotten her pregnant. While Tita was cleaning she remembered her childhood from Three Kings’ days. Rosaura comes to Tita for help. She is having health problems. Tita cooks for her hoping to make her better. Gertrudis comes back to the ranch with her husband. She is informed by Mama Elena’s death and is happy. It’s October and the recipe is Cream Fritters. Gertrudis requested these fritters; they were her favorite desert. Pedro walks into the kitchen overhearing Tita say to Gertrudis that she is pregnant with Pedro’s child and Pedro’s starts crying. Pedro wants to run away with Tita. She says yes and they throw a goodbye party. Mama Elena’s ghost comes and sets Pedro afire. Tita comes and tries to help him. In the month of November, the recipe is beans with Chile tezcucana-style. Tita

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