Leslie Marmon Silko's Short Story Ceremony

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By: Leslie Marmon Silko Ceremony is set after World War II but the stories within the book come from mythical past to the 1920. The stories set in the United States on a Laguna Reservation and the myths told are somewhere in the Philippines. Ceremony is written in third person limited and you are limited to Tayo’s emotions. However, the poems incorporated in the novel are first person. Which make the reader have to elaborate on what the others feel. The use of poems in the other feelings gives us the readers a cool sense of what it would have been like. Tayo is the main character and he is really damaged because of his family and World War II. Tayo is half Native American and half white who fought in the war because he got enlisted with Rocky his cousin and Emo his other close friend. Ceremony is about Tayo and him discovering himself and what he wants to do in life which is be a medicine man. Tayo is damaged because of his mom and auntie and then even more because of “shell shock.” Tayo is very sensitive and fragile because of him being whiter than the family taking care of him but being darker than the kids at the white school he went to. Betonie is a medicine man who works with Ku’shoo. Betonie is surprisingly connected
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Tayo is a half breed, his father was white, this only added to his feeling of displacement and emptiness. Auntie gave most of her attention to Rocky her real son. Tayo tries to be like Rocky but he always felt one step behind but loved his cousin dearly. When Rocky dies on the battleground, Emo turns to alcohol to erase painful memories and Tayo becomes a victim of severe post-traumatic stress disorder Tayo begins to believe all of this pain is from the whites. After thinking more and more Tayo wants to become a medicine

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