Emergency Alert System

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  • Emergency Care System

    In The US Emergency Care System: Meeting Everyday Acute Care Needs While Being Ready for Disasters, Nicole Lurie, Gregg S. Margolis, and Kristin L. Rising, state important points to why an Emergency Room should only be utilized as Urgent Care. The article was written as part of research an attempt to improve better outcomes in Emergency Departments. They are in search of a suitable action plan to suit both the non emergent and emergent situations. This paper will review the authors purpose to…

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  • The Morning-After Pill: A Case Study

    laws, rights, and people of all different backgrounds are thrown into the mix. Controversy is common as a result of all of the different angles to be considered. One controversy in particular that has received much attention is on the issue of emergency contraceptives, or the morning-after pill. In 2013, the FDA approved the Plan B One-Step pill to be available to women ages 15 and older without a prescription. What factors went into making this decision,…

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  • Summary: The Health Care Industry

    profit for the hospital, thus making it a mutually beneficial benefit. These services can be grouped into the following: clinics, surgery centers, home health care that includes rehabilitation and postacute care, women’s conditions, and conventional emergency care (Shi & Singh, 2013, p. 166). In addition, there are mobile facilities that can aid the patient…

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  • The Washington Post Argument

    Abstract: This paper explores the FDA’s decision of making the morning-after pill available over-the-counter for girls that are fifteen or older. Also, the views on both sides of whether or not their decision was a good idea. The articles from different news sources point towards both sides of the argument. This paper examines these articles, and the evidence that is shown in them. The different articles come from The Washington Post, CNN, and the FDA’s official website. I also found information…

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  • The Weaknesses Of Hurricane Katrina

    New Orleans State had limited emergency evacuations plans. The governor of the city did not expect the Katrina Hurricanes disaster would be reach to that level. The government has used different approaches to addressing the Hurricane challenges. The federal and state level government have…

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  • Essay On Gunshot Wound

    Kusz Edyta Medical Emergencies for Allied Health Professionals MED220 Dr. Akm Gias Uddin Gunshot Wound G unshot wound is my essay topic for Emergency Class. First I would like to explain more less what is a Gunshot wound. Gunshot injury may appear when someone is shot by some sharp bullet what in most cases it is a gun. Gunshot may appear during variety of situations not only during criminal or terrorist incidents. Gunshot wound are one of the most traumatic injuries because people…

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  • Terrorism Action Plan

    incident under control. Creating the plan for a terrorist incident is a coordinated effort between local, state, and federal agencies. Creating an effective plan will take a lot of time and revision as policies and technology changes (Managing the Emergency Consequences of Terrorist Incidents, 2002).…

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  • Dry Barrel Hydrant Essay

    community and one of those roles is being a fire inspector. In this scenario, one is the fire inspector for a municipal fire department and a newly planned community if being built. It is the fire inspector duties to ensure that the water supply system is being installed correctly. One will discuss the type of hydrants to be installed, explain why one pick that particular hydrant, state how the hydrants will be tested, and provide spacing requirement for the hydrants. This is a planned…

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  • Key Success Factors In Emergency Responses

    Key success factors in response programs serve to ensure that emergency response operations meet the anticipated goals and objectives of incident mitigation, response and recovery. The main objective of incident response is to facilitate a quick and efficient recovery from a security incident. It also aims at reducing the impacts imposed by the threat, or a critical disruption of the functionality of the facility or resources in cases whereby an incident has taken place. The plan of approach is…

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  • Emergency Department Nursing Case Study

    Post-Traumatic Stress in Emergency Department Nurses Emergency Department (ED) nurses throughout the world are frequently exposed to traumatic events (TE) at work. These events lead to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emergency Department nurses also encounter conflicts among management, which can affect the quality of services rendered to the patients. Emergency Department (ED) nurses use conflict management style to resolve conflict, and to determine whether their…

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