Upper Class Disaster Essay

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A disaster can affect people in many different ways; the disaster can especially effect the socioeconomic statue of people within it. A disaster may affect the upper and low classes in different ways; because the upper class has the ability to get out of the situation more quickly than the lower class because they do not have as many opportunities as the upper class. The classes can experience the disaster differently, just because of their social statue; the lower classes are always those who lose more than the upper classes. The lack of resources makes the lower class experience the disaster in a way that the upper class never has or will. Each class experiences preparation, evacuation, and recovery differently.
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The recovery for the upper class is something that does not take a long time to recover from the disaster, because they have the ability to reobtain what they have lost. As the upper classes have a good economic stature, it is easy for them to go to their bank to borrow money to rebuild the house, replace the house’s equipment. The upper classes do not have to wait for the government to give them support, and their money makes the difference for them to get a quick recovery. The lower class 's recovery is totally different from the upper class 's, because poverty does not allow the lower classes to recover as fast as they wish. The lower class has to depend on the government, and as we know the government always takes a lot of time to help them. In Dayson’s book, we see how the government gave up on the lower class during Hurricane Katrina. The government was not fair to those poor people. As the lower classes had no income, the lack of support caused most of those poor people to became homeless, because they are poor and they cannot recover from the disaster. The upper class and the lower class do not experience the disaster in the way, because their socioeconomic stature makes all the

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