California Quake Summary

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After describing what was left from the quake, the author quickly retelling that a minute after the quake struck there were flames started in the working class ghetto, and the fires quickly spread out to other huge places. In addition, he also mentioned that everywhere was a mess, no organization, no communication, no predictions for what is coming next. By describing the streets were humped into depressions, the messes of fallen walls, the communication systems were disrupted, highway had burst; the author gives the reader the credibility that he was actually there and seeing the real things happening. This is an example of ethos the author has successfully mastered. By carefully describing the whole family was rushed into a delivery wagon …show more content…
However, the next article I’m going to talk about gives us the exact locations where the quake hit California areas. This article named, “The California Quake: “I Don’t Want to Die in Here”: Disaster Areas…” This article was written and published in the New York Times in 1989, which is a while from the actual event. This article clearly describes 7 counties that affected by the quake, such as Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, and Monterey. Beside the article is the little graph that demonstrates these 7 areas and the routes, highways, as well as what specifically happened at that time. What makes this article special is that the writer mainly focused on the actual facts, which is the logos appeal. There is no place for pathos and ethos appeals in this article, which is keeps it away from bias opinions. The first county being discussed is Alameda. In this first section, the writer described how the quake hit at Oakland Museum, as well as Richmond. More than 250 feared and 400 hundreds people were injured due to the collapsing of Interstate 880 and the massive destruction of metal sculptures of the Museum. In addition, the Richmond’s three oil tanks were ruptured largely. From the information above, the writer had mastered the liability from readers by giving detailed descriptions at each different section. It also shows that the writer carefully collected details from various sources and put it together to show how destructive the quake was. The second county is San Francisco. The writer started describing how people’s lives being affected by the quake by describing how the buildings were collapsed across the county. Starting by telling the number of deaths were 10 and injured were more than 200, the writer made an impressive impact on the readers that he actually has knowledge of the exact number of each county. Next, he

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