1992 Los Angeles Race Riots

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The killing Latasha Harlins added even more to the racial tension that was amplifying in Los Angeles. Black Americans played a keen role inside the 1992 Los Angeles race riots. Many were angered by the unfair treatment served both to Rodney King and Latisha Harlins, and the lack of justice they received. Black Americans in turn revolted because they were immensely discontent with the unjust treatment they faced. Being that there was turmoil between the Black American and Asian American population, many black riots decided to trash the businesses of many Asian Americans.
The local media provided viewers upfront seats to the damage that was being caused in Los Angeles. The local media as well, forced through their footage the concept that a
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Blacks were three times more in poverty compared to their white counterparts. When poverty was looked at again between the years of 2006 to 2008, the poverty rate had minimized for both racial groups. Nevertheless, between blacks and whites, the poverty rate was still about three times as high for blacks compared to whites. The ratio median income for blacks versus whites also showed a considerable imbalance. Black Americans median income compared to their white counterparts is significantly lower. As the reading stated, black children who from upper class families are more likely to experience downward mobility compared to white upper class children. Black Americans as well are more disadvantaged than White Americans. It is abundantly clear for occupational distribution for blacks. Aguirre and others (1995) shows occupational distribution between 2006 & 2008. Attendance in managerial roles for blacks are 0.93 versus whites who make up 0.95. Unemployment amongst blacks is higher than in whites. Educational distribution between 2006 & 2008 for blacks and whites were significantly lower for blacks versus their white counterparts. Whites are in high school and college at much higher rates than Black Americans. Asian Americans have one of the highest attendances for …show more content…
A survey was conducted within the article and it concluded that the majority of survey takers believed that as a nation, we were spending “too little” on trying to change conditions for Black Americans. The survey also concluded that our federal government’s attention towards the needs of minorities was not being met. Overwhelming, a general consensus deduced George H.W Bush, was not doing enough for racial relation regardless of what side. Fast forward to 20+ years from the riots, Los Angeles is still home to many Black Americans and others such as Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans. Blacks are still much more disadvantaged compared to their White and Asian counterparts when it comes to education, median income, and so forth, but even with all the inequalities, Blacks are still continuing to stay strong and

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