How Did Jim Crow Laws Affect Society

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The mid- twentieth century was a challenging time for African Americans. The Jim Crow laws had a huge effect on the black community and they were local and state segregation laws. These laws were passed to separate blacks and whites. They made these laws to supposedly have equal accommodation for both races, but as many may know blacks were often getting treated as second class citizens. Blacks were separated from many things such as restaurants, public restrooms, schools, and basic stuff such as water fountains in both Northern and Southern states. Discrimination deprived southern blacks of decent jobs. In reality blacks were often treated again as lower class citizens to whites and put at a disadvantage getting the worse part of everything. Dr. King, a leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, stated in Where Do We Go From …show more content…
“In elementary schools Negroes lag one to three years behind whites, and their segregated schools receive substantially less money per student than do the white schools. One- twentieth as many Negroes as whites attend college, and half of these are in ill-equipped Southern institutions (King pg.7).” As whites conditions got better blacks conditions seems to have gotten worse. “The unemployment rate among black people increased, housing conditions in the black communities deteriorated, schools in the black ghettos continued to plod along on outmoded techniques, inadequate curricula, and with all too many tired and indifferent teachers (Black power pg.51). Also with war many blacks that were going was being put on the front line before whites in getting

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