Is Birth Control Morally Acceptable Essay

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Is Birth Control Morally Acceptable?
Birth control has affected our society in so many ways. More and more couples are turning to contraceptives to avoid impregnation. Birth control has played a huge role in how our society views intercourse. Nowadays intercourse has no real meaning; rather it’s just another way for people to fulfil their own worldly desires. The Bible tells us that intercourse is to be between a man and woman after marriage. That’s how God designed it to be. I believe that birth control has encouraged meaningless sex. It has taught our young people that they can avoid the consequences of premarital intercourse. I’m not saying that all contraceptives are unacceptable, just that overall they have led to an increase in casual
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Luckily, there are many safe alternatives available for the married couples who maybe aren’t ready to start a family or do not want to add to their family. Here are a few methods that are relatively effective at preventing pregnancy without the possibility of an abortion. The first, is one of the most effective methods, which apart from the Virgin Mary, has a 100% success rate. This method is called continuous abstinence. Of course an alternative to continuous abstinence is periodic abstinence. This simply means planning ahead and abstaining when you may be fertile. Other options include condoms or diaphragms; this is considered a barrier method. They work to prevent conception by keeping the sperm from fertilizing the eggs and have only an 11-16% failure rate (source). The fourth method, surgical sterilization either by tubal ligation or vasectomy, is in my opinion quite rash because it is unchangeable. A married couple should only consider it if they’re absolutely sure they don’t want children. There is always a chance that some of the methods may not prevent pregnancy, however, you can rest assured knowing that if you are blessed with a child he or she won’t come to harm due to any of the contraceptive you may have

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