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  • Zombification Informative Speech

    “So you think, so you become.” When ignorance, and poverty struck a whole nation, and the elite makes a call to god… “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Many have witnessed or heard about act of terrors in Haiti on the name of “Zombification,” causing by a group of undercover criminals. It is by itself a broad topic full of stupidity, but this idea is important to introduce what I want to tackle today.…

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  • Sexuality Vs Sexuality

    and the possible negative cognitive and behavioral outcomes of sexual behavior. The scores reflected similar responses of patients diagnosed with Hyper sexuality. The patients were then shown a series of images while being monitored using electroencephalography, a method used to measure electrical activity in the…

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  • Activation Synthesis Theory

    Theories and Functions of Dreams and the Nightmare From the beginnings of human communication, dreams have made a significant impact in human life. Dreams, as we perceive them, are a sequence of images, notions, sentiments, feelings, thoughts, and impressions that occur spontaneously and unintentionally throughout sleep. In spite of the culture, society, sexual orientation, or other aspects a person can be defined from or classified into, everyone dreams regardless of physical or mental…

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  • Why Math Is Important Essay

    Why is math important? Some people cringe when math is mentioned, but whether they favor it or not, numbers can’t be avoided. Math is present everywhere whether it be cooking, shopping, creating, caring for others or etc. According to the history, counting supposedly started right after the development of language. Egyptians had used Egyptian system around 3000-1600 BC which they wrote 10 as ^ and 13 as III^. This system was adapted by the Romans in their roman numerals. Egyptians also has the…

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  • ERN And The Placebo: A Misattribution Approach

    Name: Muhammad Khan Class: Psych 2301 MWF 9:00am Article Reviewed: ERN and the Placebo: A Misattribution Approach to Studying he Arousal Properties of the Error- Related Negativity Year of Article: 2012 Authors: Inzlicht, Michael, Al-Khindi, Timour Journal: Journal of Experimental Psychology Journal Page Numbers: 799 – 805 (7 pages) Textbook citation: R-22 Type of Study: Experimental Background, Problem and Hypothesis The following study was aimed to determine if performance monitoring was…

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  • The General Arousal Theory Of Serial Killers

    Abnormal electroencephalography discoveries have been observed in individuals with antisocial PD who committed crimes. One of the most often reported abnormalities is the persistence of slow waves in the temporal lobes. Per Eysenck and Gudjonsson, who formed the General…

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  • My Desire To Become A Nurse Anesthetist

    infusing titration, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), Post Cardiac Arrest Hypothermia Protocol, Eko-Sonic Endovascular System, NIH Stroke Scale Certification, TPA infusion, Peritoneal Dialysis, Continuous bladder irrigation, Continuous Electroencephalography (CEEG), Interpreting ABGs and communicating of findings. Working in a fast paced setting helped me to adapt to difficult situations and make decisions quickly with confidence. I feel these skills would translate well with the…

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  • Fetal Arguments Against Abortion

    Fetal Rights The rising number of abortions in the United States and worldwide have created many disputes on whether aborting is ethically and lawfully acceptable. In the United States, there was 1.2 million abortions done in the year of 2008 (Are you in the know, n.d). There were about 42 million abortions worldwide (Are you, n.d). Many have different positions in the controversy. The topic about the rights of the fetus has become such a heated controversy due to the different belief system…

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  • Concussions: The Importance Of Concussions In Football

    Here in the United States there is a sport that virtually owns a day of the week. For many people, this sport, football is a way of life in a figurative sense. For very few, the most elite to put on the pads this game is literally their way of life. For playing this game, the reward is living the dream that all of them collectively dreamt from the time they first put on the pads in Pop Warner. Living this dream also comes with the perks of fortune and fame. Looked up to and loved as almost god…

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  • Causes Of Serial Killers

    Serial killers have been haunting the public population since the beginning of human civilization, and ever since then we’ve been trying to find a solution for them. With modern science, therapist and psychologist have been able to narrow down childhood trauma as the main reason in the making a serial killer. With this specific problem identified, we’ve been able to link together and create solutions to humanities issue of these killers. Britannica defines a serial killer as “…the unlawful…

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