Pillow Protector Research Paper

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The pillow protector is considered as one of the most important bedding essential. The pillows are used in everyday life and the users it directly against the skin for at least 6-8 hours during the night. While the head is resting on the pillow the user is breathing whatever has been absorbed by the pillows. The pillows are also expensive and it is important to make sure that the pillows are kept clean because dirty pillows are not good for the health of the users. Make sure that the pillows are clean and you do not breathe in anything hazardous.
One way of keeping the pillows clean and protected is to use the pillow protectors. The protectors provide a safe shield for the pillows and keep the spills and dust away from the pillows and keep
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The range of these protectors include the pillowcase fabrics and the cases with attached zipper. There are also varieties of the cases which have are bugs and mites proof. The look of the case is not the most important thing that needs to be considered while buying the case. It is better to find the one which is genuine and among the allergen resistant type.
There are varieties of different cottons available as well. Each type of cotton has its own comfort level and the quality. The highest quality protector is the Crescent Moon protector.
Benefits of using the cotton protectors:
There are so many benefits of using a cotton protector. All of the advantages have made these covers popular among the users. Here are some of the benefits that these covers can offer:
The high quality cotton protectors will not interfere with the comfort of the pillow.
There is an important choice to make and it is between choosing the natural and the organic filling.
These protectors have the ability to be dust mite proof which is not just good for the durability of the covers but also good for the health of the users. These protectors are also bed bug proof so you do not have to worry about the bed
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The purpose of having the protectors is to keep the pillows safe and the protectors should be easy to clean and wash.
Why are pillow protectors required?
The main reason behind using the pillow protectors is to make sure that the pillows are kept clean and safe. The basic reason is the hygienic reason. The pillow can be washed every other week but washing the pillows is not as easy. The durability and the lifespan of the pillows can be increased significantly with the help of protectors.
While the user is sleeping the pillow collects several different types stuff. There is the moisture produced by the body, the post shower oils, hair conditioning residue, make up etc. All of these things can cause clogging of the skin pores and have a negative effect on the skin. Having a protective layers between the skin and the pillows helps in keeping the pillows free of dirt. The lifespan of the pillows can be increased significantly as it will not be washed as often as it will be without the protector. If the protector gets dirty it can be washed easily.
Effect of pillow protectors on the

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