Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is defined as a child who has died in their sleep due to an unexplained circumstance. In the United States, the Safe to Sleep Campaign, formerly known as the Back to Sleep Campaign, was founded with the intention of bringing awareness to SIDS rates in the nation and offers preventative methods and suggestions. Some of these interventions include placing the infant on their backs while they sleep, removing objects from the sleeping area, parental avoidance of alcohol, and breastfeeding the infant. The Safe to Sleep Campaign has been implemented as state government funded program for childcare regulations regarding a safe sleep and living environment for the infant. SIDS is not an uncommon fatality in our nation. SIDS affects many families each year, but so many interventions can be implemented in order to prevent the horrific occurrence of …show more content…
They are often used as calming or reward mechanisms. However, when the child is being put down to rest, they should not have any pillows, blankets, or unnecessary items, such as toys, in the crib with them. Since the American Association of Pediatrics published its latest statement in reference to SIDS in 2000, it “stresses the need to avoid redundant soft bedding and soft objects in the infant 's sleeping environment, the hazards of adults sleeping with an infant in the same bed” (2005). The reason for this being, if children roll around in the night they may get tangled in loose sheets and could suffocate. Similarly, they should not share a bed with a parent or guardian, as it is very easy for the adult to roll over onto the child and the child will suffer from suffocation. While in some circumstances it may be fine for a parent to share a room with an infant, it is never acceptable for them to share a bed. A child should have their own sleeping area to promote better sleeping habits as they start to grow

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