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  • Personal Narrative: Some Things I Remember

    There are few things I remember. I was painting, felt dizzy, the next thing I remember is talking to the paramedic as I was lying on the floor. I remember being in the hospital, but not going to the hospital. I remember talking to my friends in the hospital, then I remember talking to the doctors, them telling me I had had three seizures in the past two days. Three weeks later, I remember waking up on a Wednesday with a killer headache. The worst headache I had ever had, but I don’t remember how…

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  • Ap Psychology Sleep Assignment

    Psychology – Sleep Assignment Title: Snoozzzze before you losssse What is Sleep? Sleep is described as a non-waking state of consciousness that is characterised by general unresponsiveness to the environment and physical immobility. Sleep is when the nervous system of your body is inactive and the muscles are relaxed. Why do we sleep when we do? Humans tend to sleep 5-8 hours every night, and to do so in a pattern tied to the 24-hour light-darkness cycle. This cycle is called a circadian rhythm…

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  • Symbolism Of Dreaming

    Every living mammal dreams while sleeping. It is something the mind does without one realizing it. On average, one usually spends 122 days out of the year sleeping. Each night one has anywhere from five to seven dreams, that is 610 to 854 dreams per year. Dreams are typically a fantasy that one has about the possibility of doing something or of that something while asleep. Dreaming allows the mind to relax and explore ones deepest thoughts and feelings. Each dream is specifically unique to his…

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  • Essay On Anoxic Injury

    Children with Complex Diseases: Anoxic Injuries at Birth Anoxic injuries can happen at any point in the gestational or birthing process. Some of the effects resolve shortly after birth with appropriate intervention, some have lifelong consequences, and some ultimately result in death. An anoxic brain injury occurs when the fetus or baby is deprived of oxygen for a host of different reasons. The extent of damage depends on many factors, as well as the prognosis. Manifestations…

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  • Alpha Waves Reflective Essay

    An artifact is any kind of disruption or unwanted error that is seen while perceiving data not generated from the brain. Examples of such witnessed throughout this experiment included swallowing, blinking, perspiration, gazing, and head movement to name a few. Yes, I would include these in my investigation because they occur in everyone and therefore should be factored into the evaluations. 2.Alpha waves are indicated by a person who is awake and very much at ease. Depending if the eyes were…

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  • Brain Activity During A Sentence Picture Matching Task

    As research shows, the brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right. The brain is hemispherically lateralized, meaning that each hemisphere has their own set of specialized functions, making them differ greatly regardless of their similar makeup. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, spoken and written language, mathematical calculations, logical thought, and the analysis of detail. The right hemisphere instead controls the left side of the body, visual-spatial…

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  • SES Child Development

    Article I Background It is known that socioeconomic status (SES) impacts both structural and functional brain development in childhood, but before this study, it was never tested how early the signs of impact could be detected. The earliest study of impact tested sixteen to thirty-six-month-old infants in their language and cognitive skills and predicted their language improvement for the next three years (Gou, Choudhury, & Benasich, 2011). Another study observed the effects of low SES by…

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  • La Jete Film Analysis

    The 1962 art science-fiction French movies ‘La Jetée’ was directed By Chris Marker. The movie runs for 28 minutes and most of the film shot by using ‘Photomontage’ technique shot in black and white apart from one short video that shot in motion which is the scene that the girl is sleeping in the bed and the picture going to fade and then suddenly open her eyes and blinking. Photomontage is a combination of several images joined together in an artistic way. This movie has been Recognized as one…

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  • Alvin Lucier

    This next section will present real-life application of some of the previously mentioned measurements and sonification techniques to present a performance in which brain activity is part of the piece. Though with some, their focus may have not been on expressing real-time emotional states, their experimentation with the medium provides some insight into the challenges of adopting these technologies. Alvin Lucier’s “Music for Solo Performer.” This piece has been regarded as the first of its…

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  • Sleep Deprivation Theory

    Sleep is very important to our health and daily functioning. Theories, such as the consolidation theory and the restorative theory, suggest that sleep plays a role in restoring memories, improving the immune system and promoting insight, problem solving and neural development. Disrupting the five stages of the sleep cycle can result in sleep deprivation causing damage to our overall physical and mental health. A typical night’s sleep cycle consists of five different stages. The first four…

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