Genie Wiley Father

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Parents all over the world love their children. Mothers will always be protective and fathers will always be the one cheering from the sidelines at a game. They will strive to see their child grow up to be successful in the world. Little Johnny will look up to his father and try hard to impress him, and Little Shelby will do the same thing with her mother, or vice versa.
The parental figures in society expresses a type of love that will bug the child from time to time. Johnny will grow up and want to start doing things on his own. Shelby will go out with guys that she likes while her parents may disapprove. It is the normal cycle of growing up. While it may bug the child, it’s always good to be loved.
Imagine what it would be like if a child was born into a family that did not show any love, used physical abuse, and where the father would growl and bark with no signs of a joking mood. Imagine the hardships that child would face. There are children who face those challenges every day, and Genie Wiley was one of them.
Susan “Genie” Wiley was born in 1957, in Arcadia California. She lived with her mother, father, and her brother who was 6 years older. The nickname Genie is one that was used to
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Jay Shurley, a psychiatrist from Oklahoma, was able to meet with Genie and to learn about her. When Jay met her for the first time, he acted like he would with any other human being, he stuck his hand out. This did not startle Genie, but she was confused. She reached out for his hand and felt it, softly. After a short moment, she returned to doing something else in a way that she noted his presence. This raised many questions that the psychiatrist would love to learn about. Who would do this to a child? Why would someone do this? What caused this lengthy event to take place? Where were the neighbors when they were needed the

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