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  • Something The Lord Made: Movie Review: Something The Lord Made

    Something the Lord Made Most individuals are familiar with the common phrase, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, and this holds steadfast in the medical field. The film, Something the Lord Made, depicts the medical research of Dr. Alfred Blalock and his lab assistant, Vivien Thomas, at John Hopkins University in the 1940s. Dr. Blalock and Thomas were attempting to recreate Tetralogy of Fallot, otherwise known as Blue Baby Syndrome, in dogs to discover a procedure that could save the lives…

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  • Childbirth Is Conventionally Divided Into Three Stages?

    In virtually every language, the term for Abirthmark@ can be translated as some variant of the terms Aenvy,@ Awish,@ Alonging,@ or “mother’s mark.” Does this suggest anything to you about what people in the past thought might be the causes of birthmarks? something the mother did caused the birth mark? D. Birth Process 14. Childbirth is conventionally divided into three stages. What are they?  mother experiences regular uterine contractions that are usually spaced to 10 to 15 minute…

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