Abdominal Migraine Research Paper

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Abdominal migraine comes under the migraine family. In abdomen migraine the pain occurs near midline in stomach or belly. It frequently occurs due to a migraines trigger. If pain is more severe vomiting, abdominal cramping and nausea can happen.
The exact cause of abdominal migraine is still not known but according to some theory abdominal migraines are caused by the changes of two chemicals called histamine and serotonin.
Triggers for abdominal migraine are mostly similar to triggers for classic migraine. These include foods like Chinese food, chocolate or nitrite-containing foods, which might cause abdominal migraines. Swallowing excessive air can also cause abdominal migraines or other similar GI symptoms, which can lead to bloating and interference with eating. Genetic elements might also be included as the condition is more common in kids who have a
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2. Acute, severe, midline abdominal pain that is related with nausea
3. Inability to eat
4. Paleness
5. The abdominal pain may last for as more or less than one hour or as long as three days.
The diagnosis of abdominal migraines is difficult. The key factor in determining the possibility of abdominal migraines is the family history of migraines and abdominal migraines. The doctor will look at the patient’s family history to help in making a right diagnosis. Electroencephalography (EEG) is sometimes done to preclude a seizure problem as the cause for the side effects. The doctor may also examine for some of the following symptoms:
1. Symptoms of nausea & vomiting,
2. Headache,
3. Flushing,
4. Dark circles under the eyes,
5. Anorexia (inability to eat)
6. Mild to severe midline pain lasting from one hour to 3 days
A particular treatment for abdominal migraines has not yet been established. Since little is known about treating abdominal migraines, specialists may treat them like any other

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