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  • Electric Current Lab Report

    The objective: Through a scientific invention the student will create a model that transmits electrical current and demonstrate that electricity travels in a closed path. Materials: (6) light bulb, (6) battery, (6) 6 in. insolated copper wires, (6) wire stripper, (6) switches, (21) safety goggles, (21) aprons, and boxes of gloves. Vocabulary: Circuit, closed circuit, open circuit, electrical circuit, electromagnetic, and parallel circuit Engaged: We are going to do a KWL chart to find out, what…

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  • Salt Water Lab Report

    shine? It sounds crazy, but it's true! This is because salt water is a good conductor of electricity. Salt molecules are made of sodium ions and chlorine ions. (An ion is an atom that has an electrical charge because it has either gained or lost an electron.) When you put salt in water, the water molecules pull the sodium and chlorine ions apart so they are floating freely. These ions are what carry electricity through water. What happens is the solution of the water and the salt is transformed…

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  • Electricity And Power In Frankenstein

    own life. Benjamin Franklin’s work with electricity only 66 years earlier had filled society with excitement over the possibilities for its uses, including the potential to re-animate the dead. Mary Shelley 's past was filled with death; losing three children, a stepsister, and her mother. Victor Frankenstein combined these two influences to fight death with electricity, and brought Frankenstein 's monster to life. Although he did not discover electricity, that honor goes to William Gilbert;…

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  • Solar Power Synthesis Essay

    power, it eliminates chances of being harmed by loose or dangerous power lines, therefore improving safety hazards. Society has come a long way thanks to pioneers such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison, but before Franklin 's discovery of electricity and Edison 's invention of the electric light bulb, society had already excelled thanks to Abraham Pineo Gesner, who invented kerosene, Ignacy Lukasiewicz, who invented the kerosene lamp, and Aim 'e Argand,…

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  • Tesla Coil Essay

    In essence, Tesla coils are a high-voltage, resonant transformer circuits. They consist of the six major components (Behrend 1), namely: Primary transformer Tank capacitor Spark gap Primary coil Secondary coil Toroid Figure 1: Tesla coil (diagram) A primary transformer is a step-up transformer that takes the line voltage of the AC source and steps it up to a range between 12 kV and 50 kV at 60 Hz (Johnson 4). The efficiency of this transformer is largely dependable on the construction…

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  • The Reflection Of Mechanical Power

    they spin the shaft which is connected to the electrical generator. Turbines are complicated machines that includes sophisticated gearboxes for increasing the spinning shaft speed from 30 to 60 (rpm) required by most of the generators to produce electricity. The power in the win is directly proportional to the cube of the wind speed, to make that clear, for example a 20 (KPH) wind speed will generate 8 times the power of 10 (KPH). However this doesn’t happen a lot cause of the wind change in…

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  • Electrical Engineering Research Paper

    perks such as traveling and the knowledge to solve almost any problem. Electrical engineering dates back to William Gilbert, the father of electrical engineering, in the 19th century. Gilbert invented the versorium, a device that detects static electricity. Although a versorium will not be found in every…

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  • Analysis Of Magnet Wire

    electronic field are used to transmit electricity and telecommunications signals. For examples, from view of construction, wires are either braided or fixated together to form a bundle of strands, namely multi-stranded wire or conventionally known as cable, that can be utilized to construct structural buildings such as suspension bridges, holding pillars of skyscrapers, and etc. On the other hand, wires are also mainly used as the “bridge” to conduct electricity…

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  • The Importance Of The Electrical Power Grid

    Imagine a world without electricity, a period of prolonged darkness, not just a brief power outage. Attempt to envision a world where time does not exist. Sounds abnormal, yet for the greater part of human presence, this is the means by which we lived. The sun was the nearest instrument we had to a clock, and it contained all the information we desired. Endeavor to picture a world where there is no such thing as a stove to cook an evening feast for your growing family; no television to watch…

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  • Oersted's Theory Of Magnetism Essay

    tested repeatedly and then were seen as fact. Until 1820, electricity and magnetism were believed to be separate branches on the tree of science. Once others believed that idea it became cemented in to the scientific community. However, Humphry Davy was a chemist whose determination and experimentation overturned that idea. Despite obstacles, Oersted’s and Davy‘s experiments changed his peers’ and the scientific community’s view on electricity and magnetism. My question for Davy would be why he…

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