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  • Nikola Tesla's Greatest Invention

    he was a native of the neighbouring country of Serbia. His mother was very interested in machinery and was an amateur inventor herself, so she encouraged his interest in science and electricity. His father was a priest who wanted Tesla to follow in his footsteps. Tesla was interested in the transmission of electricity from a young age. He studied maths and physics at the Technical University of Graz, but he dropped out before his course was completed. While still living in Europe, he had the…

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  • Electric Vehicle Research Paper

    Electric vehicle roadworthy requirement An electric vehicle that has been scratch built or converted in New Zealand after 1 January 1992, should be certified from the low volume vehicle code. They consider that the vehicle should be designed and constructed with those material which is fit for the purpose and must be safe. Any work which is associated on the vehicle should be done tidy and tradesman skill manner like fabrication work, electrical work and other. the general electric system…

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  • Nikola Tesla's Alternating Future

    changed the world in many ways across his lifetime. ("Nikola Tesla Biography.”) . The Alternating Current is the most recognizable of all his inventions, and is still widely used across the globe to this day. The Alternating Current can make electricity flow either direction, which is more useful than the Direct Current which flows in only 1 direction. This was one of his most important inventions, because of how much it changed the world, and how much energy it saved. It was much more…

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  • Philips Company Case Study

    Introduction: The founder of the Philips Company was Gerard Philips and his father, Federik founded in Eindoven in 1891. Federik, financed the purchase, he is a banker in Zaltbommel setup of a modest, empty building in Eindhoven, and in 1892 the company started the production of carbon-filament lamps and other electro technical products. The changes are made in the first factory and used it as a museum. It is a Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with main separations focused…

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  • Ohm's Law: Explain The Relationship Between Electric Current, Voltage, And Resistance

    Ohm’s law is the basic rule of the electricity that explains the relationship between electric current, voltage, and resistance. The ohm’s law was named after the German physicist Georg Ohm who discovered this rule or law. Ohm’s law statement Ohm’s law states that the electric current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance. In other words, the electric current flowing through the conductor increases with increase in…

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  • Invention Of The Telegraph Essay

    Invention of the Telegraph The telegraph is one of the inventions that started long distance communication. To begin with, Samuel Morse came up with the marvelous idea of this invention. However, he did have a competitor by the name of Charles Wheatstone. The original telegraph was developed in the 1830s. It was tested and updated through a number of years from when it was invented. It’s actually quite impressive how this whole system was developed. According to ‘Morse Code and the Telegraph’…

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  • Naval Science Personal Statement

    Ever since I was a child, electricity was magic; I would spend countless hours trying to discover how it worked. Electromagnetism is now the focus of this childlike obsession, as it is as equally fascinating to me as the outlets were to the person of my youth. The Office of Naval Research…

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  • Maxwell's Characteristics: The Basic Laws Of Hydrodynamics

    situation, not attainable in nature; it is called ideal MHD. However, it turns out that ideal MHD describes dynamical properties of hot, strongly magnetized plasmas. This is because most hot plasmas are excellent (although not perfect) conductors of electricity. 1.31 IDEAL MHD EQUATIONS CONTINUITY EQUATION AMPERE’S LAW J B FARADAY’S LAW C∇ × E IDEAL OHM’S LAW E + V×C B = 0 1.4 RESISTIVE…

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  • Analysis: Power Transformer

    Unit 65 Utilisation of Electrical Energy Assignment 1b Power Transformer Analysis By Ian Greene Contents Assignment Brief: - 3 Single-Phase Transformer 4 PolyPhase Transformer 5 Star-Star (Y-Y) Connection Mode 6 Delta-Star (∆-Y) Connection Mode…

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  • Dbq On Innovation

    Inventions Throughout the discovery of electricity, the light bulb, and even the first airplane have all been important inventions to the world. When thinking about inventions they use curiosity, motivation, and creativity. Though what makes an invention is chance and necessity, they may happen by chance or on accident. In other cases, people may need an invention to solve a problem. When thinking about chance and necessity, they both play a huge role in the development of inventions. Chance is…

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