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  • Compare And Contrast Superman And Me

    What revolves the world, what makes the world work or light up. Language, Language is what powers up the world, just like a light bulb, that powers up your home. Both James Baldwin, author of If Black English isn't a Language, Then Tell me what Is? Then adding to my list is Sherman Alexie author of Superman and Me. They both emphasize that language could allow or disembowel any person in our twisted world. With their point of views are different from each other, about how they were raised and…

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  • Static Electricity Research Paper

    When studying electrostatics you will learn about electric chargers that do not move. Static electricity is one of the many things that are covered in electrostatics. An object that has accumulated electric charge has static electricity (“Electricity for kids”, 1). The charges are not on the move nor do they flow from one place to another. It is easy to remember that the charges don’t move in static electricity, because static can be tied to the word stationary. The word stationary means that an…

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  • Fabrication Lab Report

    Introduction: The lab experiment on Fabrication and Microwave Frequency Measurement of a ring Resonators was about finding the relative dielectric constant and the response of a ring resonator. These values are found by using a ring resonator and setting a frequency signal to the ring to resonate the signal. This lab also shows how to make the ring resonators from paper or any type of electric device from fabrication. Fabrication is used to print electric devices such as printed circuit boards.…

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  • Importance Of Flux Density

    Field strength or intensity is the force which maintains the magnetic flux and produces a particular value of the flux density B at that point in a magnetic field. Therefore the flux density is the cause while the flux density (B) is the effect. The flux density can be assumed proportionally to the field intensity in a magnetic field which comes in three parts. First part is: Where U stands for the permeability of force (the measure of the degree to which the magnetic line of force can…

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  • The Extraordinary Life: Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla was an innovative intellectual of the Gilded Age whose ideas were far ahead of his time. The modern world would be nothing like it is today without Tesla’s insights. He revolutionized the scientific community and the world’s knowledge of electric current, but there were plenty of other interesting facets of his life and career. He was much more than an engineer, and unfortunately, many of his peers underestimated him on account of his quirkiness and battle with mental illness.…

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  • Case Study: Direct Current (DC) Motors

    Direct Current (DC) motors Name: University 1.0 Introduction A Direct Current (DC) motor is one of the broader classification of electric motors which operate from a direct current. Nearly all mechanical devices applied in daily life activities are powered by electric motors. Motors transform electrical energy to mechanical energy, hence they are essential for energy conversions in electrical machines. All types of electrical motors are made up of a stationary field referred to a stator and…

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  • AC Conductivity, Dieedric Loss, And Dielectric Constant

    Electrical Properties AC Conductivity, Ac Resistivity, Dielectric loss, and Dielectric constant are electrical properties and measured as a function of frequency. AC Conductivity and Resistivity AC resistance (ρac) was recorded by LCR meter model 4275 in the frequency range 1MHz to 3GHz. AC conductivity was determined by using the value of Ac resistance. As we know, Ac Conductivity is reciprocal of Ac resistance can be calculated by the relation; ac =1/ρac (6) The variation of AC…

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  • Comparing Thomas Edison And Piscine Patel's Life Of Pi

    Piscine Patel, a young teen from India, has an unexpected journey with failure and accomplishment involved. Thomas Edison, a young inventor from the late 1800’s, went through many struggles and triumphs in his process of inventing the lightbulb. Piscine and Edison both followed a similar path that soon led to them both being successful. As they were working towards that goal, errors, mistakes, and trouble occurred. Trying hard enough should, in the end, led you to success. Thomas Edison and…

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  • How Does Plastic Affect Our Society

    In 1856, in the town of Birmingham, one of the biggest industrial revelations occurred. The first man made plastic had been constructed, and it was presented at the Great international exhibition six years later by none other that the man who made it Alexander Parkes. Soon after more information was collected and it had come to the conclusion that plastics were synthetic organic polymers, and the reaction plastic was formed came to be known as polymerization. The word itself derived from the…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell: Preventing The Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell was significant to the world because he created a faster and more efficient way of communication by inventing the telephone. Bell’s father, grandfather, and brother has all been associated with work on speech, and both his mother and wife were deaf, profoundly influencing Bell's life's work. At the age of twenty three, Alexander Graham Bell moved to Canada with his parents. His research on hearing and speech at Boston University further led him to experiences with…

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