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  • ECG Signal Essay

    In the India, the electricity supply in 60 Hz and the other country like as Europe in many places use 50 Hz alternative current electricity. Power line interference occurs through two mechanisms: capacitive and inductive coupling. Capacitive coupling refers to the transfer of energy between two circuits by means of a coupling capacitance…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell's Invention Of The Telephone

    Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone? Alexander was constantly working on scientific experiments and he became a famous man. Now, hundreds of thousands people can communicate through phones. Bell also worked on a school to help the deaf to enroll. His invention helps life today because we can now communicate through technology called the telephone. Alexander’s Father established a school for the deaf to learn and Alexander also helped the deaf learn. He also inspired…

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  • Interleaved Buck Converter Case Study

    Chapter 3 Interleaved Buck Converter System 3.1 INTRODUCTION Interleaved Buck Converter has lots of concentration due to its simple and low control complexity in application. where no isolation and high output current with low ripple. An No isolation DC/DC converter Fig.1.1 shows the step-down DC/DC converter. When switch M is on for the duration of dTs, power is transferred from source to load and filter inductor L is charged. When switch M is off for a duration (1-d)Ts, the diode D…

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  • Case Study Of Rotor And Touchdown Bearing Models

    Rotor and touchdown bearing models Fig. 1 features the case study of the high-speed rotor. The photo was taken after manufacturing of the electric motor part, when the rotor was carried to the laboratory for an experimental modal analysis. During normal operation, the rotor is supported by AMBs. In the dropdown event, the rotor is in contact with touchdown bearings at both ends of the rotor. Fig. 1. Rotor under investigation. In this work, the finite element model of the rotor employs…

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  • Microcantilever Lab Analysis Pdf

    Design and Simulation of Microcantilevers for Sensing Applications Abstract- MEMS is the integration of active and passive elements on a single chip, which combine electronics, electrical as well as mechanical elements to use in sensing and actuation. MEMS technology used in sensing applications with use of basic mechanical elements such as microcantilevers, beams, diaphragms, springs, gears and so on. In this research paper, microcantilevers are used as basic elements for design of Sensors.…

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  • Stray Current Corrosion Case Study

    Stray current corrosion: Stray current is the current which occurs when conductors are placed between high magnetic or electric fields. Presence of stray currents over the PCB surface can generate corrosion problems. The below figure 5 shows severe corrosion damage to micro wave module for 24 GHz. This equipment is built in controlled conditions where water condensation is possible. After few hours of use, severe corrosion was seen on the surface. Figure 5. Stray current corrosion of a micro…

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  • Waste Toner Case Study

    Abstract – Photocopiers make use of Toner (powder) to form the latent electrical image on the electrostatically charged drum. The paper has to slide over the drum during Xerography process and hence it picks up the toner. Vague issues cause the non-picking of toner particles (approximately 10%) and they are left over the drum. This non-picked toner is termed as Waste Toner (WT). As it adversely affects the quality of proceeding copies, this has to be removed from the drum. A cleaning blade made…

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  • How Did Alexander Graham Bell Impact Society

    In addition to the wide catalog of innovative technology on display, the Exhibition was very well known for hosting some of the most iconic inventors in history. “One new invention which interested hardly anybody, yet which would affect the nation profoundly, was Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. It attracted less notice than the packages of magic tricks on sale nearby” (Brown 132-133). Although Bell was not a United States citizen at the time, his invention was displayed on American soil and…

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  • Space Charge And Electric Field Distribution

    This chapter contain the physical model and numerical procedure of calculating the dynamics of space charge and electric field distribution in cable insulation material under DC voltage. Electric field distribution and formation of space charge The dependency of electric field distribution on time and temperature is obvious in HVDC system. This is due to the resistivity/conductivity dependency on temperature and electric field [1, 44]. It is also clear that the formation of space charge within…

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  • Revolution Steam Engine

    Humanity is a collective group of thinkers, scattered across time and space, and, as such, no invention can be attributed to a single person, rather several people who continue to make innovations and improvements upon the design. It may then be argued that inventions aren't created, but grown through the ages until it is perfected. Such is the case with Thomas Newcomen, who, through improvements upon the design made by Thomas Savery, led to one of the major catalysts of the Industrial…

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